The Clarion University Sigma Sigma Sigma Soroity Gives Back to The Pittsburgh Children Hospital

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, a group of sisters from the sorority chapter, Sigma Sigma Sigma (TriSigma), visited The Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and got see a glimpse of exactly what their donation would be benefitting.Each year the Tri-Sigma foundation opens up an application for a grant. Each chapter is eligible to apply for the grant on behalf of a Children’s Hospital of their choosing that has a play therapy program intact.Tri-Sigma’s philanthropy is to help Children’s Hospitals to create play therapy programs. Some of the benefits of children’s play therapy are that it offers the ability to process emotions that the children may not have a chance to express otherwise.

Play therapy has shown a decrease in undesirable behaviors and increased the capacity to regulate individual behavior, development of independence and creative thinking. It helps to improve social skills and instills stronger relationships with family members as well as a number of other great benefits.The application to receive the grant opened around March and took around a month to get all of the information needed around. Vice President of Operations Racheal Miller was responsible for the Clarion University chapter receiving the grant to donate to the children’s hospital of their choosing. Part of the application included creating a list of toys and materials that the program would need if the grant was to be disbursed to the hospital.  The Clarion University’s Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma decided to donate the money to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The grant received was for six hundred and six dollars and was sent to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to assist the play therapy program. Every year the vice president of operations will be able to apply for this grant.

Visiting the hospital gave the sisters a chance to see exactly where the money is going. While at the hospital they had the opportunity to tour the hospital and see some of the events that are coming up. At the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, they have an area called Matt’s Maker Space. Maker spaces are community centers that have tools that enable children to see how things work, as well as design them and create them. The space helps the children to use their brains and be creative. The hospital also has spaces for siblings of the sick children. These spaces help give these children a place to play with other kids and get out of the hospital room. Child specialists are also available for these children to talk to if they are confused about what is going on and show them how to channel the emotions they are feeling. The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has a variety of events that they put on for the children year-round. They try to make the experience inside close to what it would be like if they were able to go outside. The hospital does incredible things for the children and their families. Going there was an eye-opening experience and helped the sisters to see the vision of the hospital and how effective the money will be for the child play therapy program.

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