Post Malone releases star-studded second studio album

Leon Aristeguieta- Staff Writer

In today’s day and age, artists are relying more and more on streams through services such as Spotify or Apple Music to generate income.

This dependence on streaming has led many popular acts to release bloated albums with half of the tracks being throwaways or fillers.

One only has to look at the hip hop trio Migos’ album, “Culture II,” that was released earlier this year or Lil Yacthy’s album, “Teenage Emotions,” from last year to see examples of this trend.

Post Malone, on his sophomore album, “Beerbongs & Bentleys,” has decided that this is the way to best approach music.

At 18 songs long, most of the album can be described as boring and bland.

Malone has very little to say throughout the album, and only for one or two fleeting moments does he manage to pique any interest.

Before delving into the bad, one can notice some of the good Malone has to offer. The production of the album has an airy, atmospheric quality, and it fits well with Malone’s auto-tuned crooning.

He is also a great hook writer. Every song in the album features a memorable chorus to which people can find themselves singing along to. “Otherside” and “Stay,” which are tracks 11 and 12 on the album, are standouts.

Each of them demonstrate musical diversity and good songwriting, which the album is fairly lacking in.

But, apart from those things, the rest of the album is very boring. For 16 out of the 18 songs, Malone half sings, half raps, about the same things: the rock star lifestyle that he lives, all the women he has had sex with, all the drugs he uses and instead of making any meaningful statements about any of these subjects, he only looks as far as the very superficial.

There are a large number of things that could be said about fame, drug usage, sexual promiscuity and the effects that these things have on one’s personal life, but Malone ignores that completely.

He sacrifices any chance he has to make an interesting point for the sake of being popular and catch-all. Everything seems to be dumbed down to an unreasonably great extent.

For an artist like Malone, who has shown that he can write a good song when he wants to, this album is disappointing.

The lack of worthwhile material makes this record’s 18 tracks a slog to get through.

The album failed to make a good overall impression.

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