D2L Brightspace Daylight Experience confuses students

Freddie Saladin – Features Editor

A new year means new changes. While the year is still young, it also brought something new that the students of Clarion University were not ready for: a new look for D2L (Desire2Learn).

D2L Brightspace is a website for students at the university that allows them to turn in assignments for their classes, participate in discussions, view course documents posted by their instructors and more. It is also the website that is used for online courses at the university.

It was announced in November of 2017 that there would be a new look for the website. The new look was named the “Daylight Experience.” It was created to simplify the layout and improve the accessibility of the website. However, it was not discussed very much among students. It was not until the changes occurred on Jan. 19 when students became confused and upset about these changes.

Maria Minor, a junior speech pathology major, was not happy about the websites new look. “I don’t like the new look for D2L because I was familiar with the old set up. I wish they wouldn’t have changed it. I guess I’m just not used to it yet,” said Minor.

A new feature for the website is the option to add a custom banner on the course home page. The main difference between the past and present versions of the website are the changes to the layout. It is the biggest change and it is the one that confuses students the most.

These changes may take a while to get used to, but for some students such as Shannon Mullins, a senior psychology major, it was believed to be “extremely unnecessary.” Mullins continued her statement, jokingly saying that “change is not part of my vocabulary. I absolutely hate it.”

For other students however, the change was no big deal. Austin Troutman, a sophomore communication major, did not mind the change as much as other students. “The change was new, but after a couple minutes, I pretty much understood how to navigate the website,” said Troutman. He continued saying that he “just wished that they would have waited until next semester to update it.”

Whether the new look of D2L is loved or not, it is here to stay.

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