RuPaul’s Drag Race returns to air with a new spin off

Trevor Lake- Staff Writer

Once an elusive form of art and gender blurring for LGBT men, drag has upgraded from dark NYC clubs to spotlight television garnering viewership and careers of all participants. RuPaul started the cult show in 2009, where it has blossomed into a tyrant becoming one of VH1’s top shows. The show features various drag queens performing challenges meant to test their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent while competing for a crown and $100,000. Fresh off a Golden Globe win for Drag Race season 9, RuPaul brought another iteration of “All Stars” back; the show now called “Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars” has entered its third season.

‘All Stars’ features talented queens from various seasons who were eliminated. The show offers the best of the best a second shot at the crown and for another cash allowance. This spin off of the show has higher stakes. The judges critique harder, and queens are expected to show their growth since their original season.

‘All Stars’ season three featured queens from all previous seasons, with the exception of season four and five. The queens once again were shown that they must eliminate each other before, but found another twist this season: RuPaul brought back the winner of season one, Bebe Zahara Benet. The point of ‘All Stars’ is to give new girls the shot at a crown. Adding in the original winner only shows the higher stakes, and possibility of Bebe being the only queen to potentially have two crowns.

Many took to the internet to show their distaste of the original winner returning, but this only betters the show. Bringing back past winners will only reiterate the stakes of ‘All Stars’. It is meant to put a regular season to shame, so fans should accept this opportunity to welcome back past winners.

The show brought back many fan favorites, such as Milk (season six), Thorgy Thor (season 8), Chi Chi (season eight), and Shangela (seasons two and three). The two largest contenders besides Bebe include Trixie Mattel (season seven) who also stars in her own VICELAND tv show alongside fellow ‘All Star’ alumni Katya and season nine’s Aja. Aja has caught lots of attention for appearing in the last installment just this summer. The alumnus placed low on her season, but has proved her spot in her come back. Since airing, the show has become a huge voice to the LGBT community and has shown people an art that they may have never understood unless they ventured to a gay club. The show speaks about various issues facing LGBT people, and it is refreshing to bring awareness to the injustices still carried out towards LGBT people all over the world every day.

Only two weeks in, the third season of “All Stars” is showing that the bar can continue to rise. RuPaul’s Drag race is only getting better with time.

With the continual infatuation of viewership, the show only continues to rise and showcase these queens doing what they do best.

New viewers will be impressed by these costumes, makeup and dance moves.  There is a reason SNL and Steve Colbert parodied it. Check it out!.

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