Justin Timberlake makes a comeback with fifth studio album

Cameron Finney- Staff Writer

Justin Timberlake had a huge year in 2013.The singer released his third and fourth albums in the same year, completing the mega record “The 20/20 Experience.” This era gave fans the most serious, yet soulful ad classy version of Timberlake.

It was a massive time time for him and it will go down in history for many fans as his best record yet.

Five years later, Timberlake has returned to putting out his own music,  also being  chosen to perform at the 2018 Super Bowl. While many were left happy and some a little conflicted about his performance, the album is the bigger picture here. With the announcement of his new album just a month ago, fans were finally introduced to the look and sound that they have speculated for months.

On Feb 2., fans were presented with Timberlake’s nw album, “Man of the Woods.” The first single released from an album is always important because it must grab the attention of fans and introduce the sound of upcoming albums. With that being said, Timberlake released the song “Filthy” as the first single off his fifth album “Man of the Woods.”

While “Man of the Woods” is being presented with an earthy R&B vibe with acoustic sounds tapping into his roots of being a Tennessee native, “Filthy” is a full-fledged electric bop, which truly sounds the best if it is blasted over speakers, hence Timberlake demanding it be played very loudly. It is a sound that he does not present later in the album.

While that is good for him to attract more fans for its fun sound, it does nothing for getting them to grasp what he is trying to manifest with this record. Thankfully he did not make us wait long until the album was released.

In 2015, fans got a chance to relish in Timberlake’s southern roots for the first time ever with country singer Chris Stapleton at the CMA Awards.

The duo killed the performance and people wanted more. This year, fans heard Timberlake and Satpleton reunite with a duo titled “Say Something.”

. While the song is not as strong compared to when the two sang “Drink You Away” from Timberlake’s previous album at the CMAs, it is still a solid acoustic jam.Timberlake really nails the mixture of r&B and acoustic sounds in “Breeze Off The Pond” and “Livin’ Off The Land.” They are perfect jams to listen to during a warm drive with the windows down, especially “Breeze.”

While the songs are not very strong when it pertains to getting a spotlight on them, they are  well worth listening to,  and  showcase the look the he was presenting so well in his album preview.

A strong song in opinion is “Supplies.” It showcases the Timberlake that everyone wants to hear, the fun and dancing one with a lot of swag.

The almost rapping style of Timberlake is something that was not expected in this album but reminds fans of his old music. This is the Timberlake that fans will always love.

While the earthy vibe is good, his best efforts may always be the very ground-breaking “Future Sex/ Love Sounds” and “20/20 Experience.” While he has been around for more than 15 years, Man of the Woods is still only his fifth album for there is always more room for creative efforts ahead in his large career.

A big year or two is assume to happen to the very talented artist as it did during past albums.

Whether you are a fan or not of this new era but still enjoy the hits, then catch Justin on the road this summer as he tours and includes his greatest hits with his new music!

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