British singer soars in music charts, collabs with Drake

Anna Goetz- A&E Editor

New projects, several features and a brand new single “Let Me Down” featuring Stormzy put Jorja Smith at the top of her game.

The 20-year old UK singer has already created a name for herself, while blending a unique sound, incorporating neo-soul, R&B, UK garage and a touch of jazz into her music.

Currently on tour in the UK, she has progressed significantly in her music career for only releasing music for a mere 2 years.

Releasing “Let Me Down” on Jan. 18, 2018, she engaged her fans with portraying another side of herself. A more vulnerable, sensitive side.

Besides the singer’s several successful projects, she was recently featured on Drake’s hefty 22 – track album “More Life” in his tracks of “Get It Together” and “Jorja Interlude”, no doubt gaining her more steam for her fan base and publicity.

Also brought on tour, the singer earned a name for herself and larger-scale tour experience. Smith also performed features with Cadenza, Kali Uchis and other U.K singers.

But before she was featured on this type of scale, she was releasing a stream of successful singles since 2016, including her first single “Blue Lights” shedding light on the topic of police brutality in the media.

Her first album “Project 11” followed this, and was preceded by several more singles, including her most recent one, “Let Me Down”.

Getting to the core of Smith’s roots, her originality begins in the UK, influenced heavily by neo- soul.

Her father was a member in a band of this genre, and always pushed her inspiration and work ethic.

Always inspired by Amy Whinehouse, Smith took her first stab at songwriting by the age of 11.

Like Whinehouse, Smith creates some compelling and thought-provoking tracks for her fans. For a while, she balanced her education with her writing and management.

Even after being tempted to quit her education to pursue her music, she finished out school. After quitting her job as a barista at Starbucks and moving to London, her career as a singer/songwriter quickly took off.

As it should, Smith has brought in a new wave of female vocalists in British music, especially with her funky mix of R&B and eccentric sound.

Reigning in a new era of female artists not only in the UK, but virtually everywhere, Smith is an excellent burst of energy in listener’s music libraries.

The variety of sound with fresh, fulfilling lyrics makes her tracks easily addictive, and refreshing.

Catch Jorja Smith on Spotify, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, PlayMusic and YouTube.

Also check out her new music video for “Let Me Down” on Vevo.

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