Super Bowl 52 preview: Will Eagles/Patriots game exceed expectations?

Austin Troutman / Sports Editor


2017-18’s version of the National Football League gave fans a lot of unexpected games, plays and ideas.

Now, we look ahead to the final game of the season, a game where millions of people gather to watch for different reasons.

Super Bowl 52, a matchup of two number one seeds who took different paths to reach the NFL’s championship round.

On the AFC side, the New England Patriots finds itself in the back again in the Super Bowl after winning last season over Atlanta.

Tom Brady, a quarterback who several call the “G.O.A.T.” will take his team into Minneapolis looking for his sixth title, which would move the franchise into a tie for the most in history.

For the other side, Philadelphia rolled through the regular season seemingly unharmed until disaster hit in Los Angeles.

Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL, removing him from the season and hopes of winning it all for the fanbase.

Luckily for the Eagles, Nick Foles stepped in as the replacement.

Many are currently asking, “Will the Eagles have enough to take down perhaps the greatest dynasty in football?”

New England is obviously a great team, one that could win in many things and is good enough to adjust on the fly.

But, there is history between these two teams.

Philadelphia fans and players will not forget what happened in Super Bowl 39, when New England was victorious 24-21 to collect its third Lombardi trophy.

Some feel that the Patriots are just going to walk into Minnesota and blow out the opponent on the other side.

The biggest factor in this game is that the Eagles defense this season is for real.

Without Wentz, hardly anyone expected them to get past Atlanta in the Divisional Round.

Almost no one expected them to beat the home-town Vikings in the Championship Game.

However, that defense proved a lot of people wrong by holding the two teams to a combined 17 points.

Those efforts on defense gives this team a chance to win its first championship in franchise history, but the same team that won last time will be the opponent again.

Super Bowl parties worldwide are for people of different interests.

This year, many want to see the commercials, or Justin Timberlake do his thing on stage, but the football fans want to see a great defense square off against a great quarterback with everything on the line.

All of this and more goes down on Feb. 4 on NBC.

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