Cricket Song Café creates comforting atmosphere

Freddie Saladin – Features Editor

For those who enjoy eating and drinking coffee in a nice, relaxing environment, the Cricket Song Café might be the perfect spot to check out.

After opening its doors in October 2017, the café is still an ongoing project for Dave Woolslayer, the owner of the café.

In the center of the café holds a gazebo where customers can sit at a bar and have a hot cup of joe.

Those who have a passion for art would appreciate the café since it is filled with plenty of artistic decorations and furniture that give aesthetic pleasure, most of which were created with passion and imagination by some of the crew that works there and by some of those who work at the nearby Winds of Trade Community Center.

Lamps, chairs, tables and the many other things in the café are also for sale, so if something is very eye-catching, just remember that it might have a price tag.

And do not worry about buying everything in the café, there will be more artsy stuff on the way.

The menu includes items such as sandwiches, melts, wraps, soups, clubs, subs and more.

For those who order a salad, the wide variety of salad dressings are made in the kitchen.

After looking around the café, the decorative mugs on each table make drinking coffee or tea much more enjoyable.

There are a variety of places to be seated, including booths made from bed frames, church pews and many other options. There is also an area for children to be seated, with painted walls and children books to keep them occupied. There is also a section for large groups of friends or family to sit back and relax.

The Cricket Song Café is a great place for students, professors or anybody else who likes to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee after a long day of stressful work.

Whether it is with a friend or you are treating yourself to some time alone, this is a spot that is worth visiting.

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