Women’s basketball grabs win on kids day 74-21

Joseph Lillard / Staff Writer


Clarion’s most recent game was an 11 a.m. contest known as kids day.

The Golden Eagles took on the 0-8 PSU Great Allegheny team and started an offensive explosion.

First quarter point totals from Clarion exceeded the entire game for PSU.

The final score of the contest was 74-21.

PSU struggled in the loss, scoring just two points in the fourth quarter.

No quarter exceeded seven points for PSU, and Clarion had an easy road to take the win at home.

Clarion University’s women’s basketball team split its games over the weekend, losing to Millersville University on Dec. 2, 72-59, and taking the victory from Shippensburg University on Dec. 3, 65-59.

After falling on the road to Millersville, the Golden Eagles were looking to gain its footing at Shippensburg.

Clarion jumped out to a hot start against the Raiders, outscoring its opponents 31-16 in the first half, including an 18-point first quarter.

The Golden Eagles put in 45.16 percent of its shots in the half, along with 40 percent of the three-point shots Clarion fired into the air.

Unfortunately, Clarion saw its commanding lead sanded down to eight points.

The Raiders posted 22 points in the thirds quarter, to Clarion’s 15 points.

The Golden Eagles turned up the tempo on offense, and while it was outscored, the merge was significantly less.

The fourth quarter left Shippensburg with 21 points, and Clarion finished with 19.

The final score stood 65-59.

Amesha Harden-Pullium lead all scorers with 23 points along with three rebounds, three steals and two assists.

Jordan Bekelja followed her in the statline with 19 points to go with her seven rebounds, three assists and two steals.

After the win, Clarion had time to reflect about how they could improve for the future, and look at what adjustments are allowing them to win now.z

Junior Guard Taylor Moltz said, “We use every game win or loss as a learning opportunity to get better as a whole. We also watch film on ourselves as much as other teams so we cab critique ourselves to make improvements.”

The Golden Eagles search to improve from last year and a .500 start to this year, and a defensive strategy could be a big factor.

Moltz added, “Focus on defending as a whole. Once we learn to defend better we are going to become a better team.”

Bloomsburg University plays host to the Golden Eagles on Saturday, Dec. 9.

Tip-off for that game is scheduled for 3 p.m.

Heading into the break, Clarion looks forward to a clash with the Robert Morris Colonials for an afternoon game on the road.

The Golden Eagles begin the season 5-4 in the new year, looking to move past the fine campaign of last season.

Until then, Clarion looks to create a good start to a young season.

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