Three-and-a-half years of calling

Eric Zavinski – Editor in Chief

It is so hard to believe I have been a member of The Clarion Call staff and family for three-and-a-half years.

I started as soon as I possibly could when I was a freshman back in the fall of 2014. Starting as a news writer for the illustrious Kayla Handy, I worked my up to be news editor for two years and editor in chief for this last semester.

Through it all, two major elements of the career path stick out: friendships made and the legacy sown. First, the family we make here at the student voice of Clarion University is something special. As a writer, that was not too evident since I never had to show up in the office. But once I became an editor, things changed.

The same dozen or so people came into the office every single Wednesday to create the main source of information students and faculty needed for local current events coverage. Suddenly, The Call became something more special. It transformed into a team effort of making each other smile through the day and putting together the best issue we humanly could.

Now, admittedly not everyone reads those issues. That is where the legacy left comes in. Chances are however, that if you are reading this, you are part of the informed mass we have cultivated over the years. The fact that you are reading and flipping the pages of our paper means a lot to us, and it has continually given this whole endeavor meaning and purpose beyond the intrinsic desires of our staff’s fellowship and self-betterment.

The readers are the context for our skills evolving into a professional caliber other newspapers will want from us. A target audience is the present goal: both in terms of numbers and impact. We have always wanted everyone who wants to know about the issues to read and to make informed decisions if they had to.

The historic faculty strike, renovations galore and administrative changes aplenty headlined the past few years. When other students were celebrating not having classes, my friends and I were working harder than ever, not just because we felt we had to, but also because the power of proper journalism is what we believed in and still do.

Now that I am finally graduating, I could not be more thankful that I was not alone in that belief and pursuit. So many people have empowered me, so that I could be in the spot I am now in writing this and preparing to leave Clarion University and The Call (in great hands, I may add). There is no way I could have done this alone. And no way could any of us have.

To all you reading, and to everyone who is putting pen to paper for the principles of truth and freedom of information, I thank you. As long as we carry the same Clarion Call spirit, there is never a permanent good-bye. This is only ‘farewell.’

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