Opinion: Shohei Ohtani to be game changer in 2018

Austin Troutman / Sports Editor


The upcoming weeks in Major league baseball news will be centered around the Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani.

The reason for all of the hype surrounding this player is that he could be the first two-way player in baseball since Babe Ruth in the early 1900’s.

At one point, all 30 teams in the league were in on this dynamic talent.

But, as the hunt went on and everyone made a pitch, Ohtani has narrowed the list down to seven teams.

Those teams are the Angels, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Mariners, Padres and Rangers.

So, he is listed as an amazing international two-way player that everyone wants, but what does a two-way player even mean?

In Japan, Ohtani was one of the best hitters in the country while being one of the best pitchers in the country.

This player can hit moon shots that make people want to watch his at bats, but he can also throw 100 miles-per-hour on the mound.

His presence on the mound and at the plate is what makes him stand out above most of the other players that are available on the free agent market this offseason.

And we cannot forget about the list of teams that are still in on this guy, who are usually all postseason contenders at least every few years.

An addition like Ohtani could loom large for the 2018 season, and most people that have heard about this guy are ready to see what he can bring.

There have been discussions that he was thinking about playing in the United States a couple of years ago, but he was not ready to make that move until now.

Ohtani is ready to make this move because he feels like there is nothing left for him to prove in Japan, and he wants to add his name to the list of Japanese players who have had a big impact in the MLB.

Five of the seven teams that he wants to play for are on the west coast, and the Rangers are in a western division.

Seemingly, money is not a factor in his decision, since he has ruled out the Yankees, Twins and Pirates, who have the largest international pool in the sport.

With trade rumors of Giancarlo Stanton emerging to a possible west coast team and now this decision that Ohtani must make, the west could become dangerous in 2018.

Many would think that he would want to land in an American League stadium because of the designated hitter rule in that league, and the only options at this point are the Mariners, Rangers and Angels.

This is an interesting decision, one that baseball fans cannot wait to see.

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