Opinion: Belmonte to be all-time great

Austin Troutman / Sports Editor


The sport of bowling has seen a new revolution over the past few years, led by the impressive Jason Belmonte.

Revolution is a key word here, as Belmonte uses a two-handed approach that allows him to generate about 600 RPM on a bowling ball.

With his speed and accuracy, Belmonte is probably the best bowler on tour today.

When he first started bowling professionally in the Unites States, people did not think that the style shown by the Australian bowler would ever be great.

After years of training, Belmonte has won 15 tour titles, eight of them are major championships.

For the average person that may not know the significance of these numbers, eight majors are a lot, especially for a man in his early thirties.

Eight majors places Belmonte third all-time, behind Pete Weber and Earl Anthony who each have 10.

The Professional Bowlers’ Association first witnessed Belmonte’s different style in 2009, and since then he has had the opportunity to win many more titles, but fell on nationally televised matches.

When it is all said and done, I truly believe that Belmonte will be considered one of if not the best bowler ever.

If you throw out all the titles, averages, earnings and more when discussing the best bowlers ever, we can conclude that Belmonte has certainly had one of the biggest impacts on the sport for sure.

Since he started bowling professionally, many people have tried to duplicate his two-handed style to see if they could have the same success as Belmonte.

Few have had the success, but even the ones that can figure it out are still not as good as the man who has dominated tournaments for almost the last decade.

The thing that stands out with Belmonte is the tournament run by the United States Bowling Congress, which is the national governing body of the sport.

That tournament is called the Masters, and Belmonte has had more success than anyone to ever bowl in it.

From 2013-15, Belmonte became the first bowler ever to capture three consecutive Masters titles.

And, after an off year in 2016, he came back for revenge as the number one seed in 2017’s version of the event, looking to win again.

As you would expect, he brought his best and took home his fourth Masters title in five years, something that he could have only dreamed about growing up.

Jason Belmonte is an inspiration to bowling fans around the country, from the videos he has created on social media telling people to keep pushing past the hate, to his popular mobile bowling game that people just cannot seem to put down.

Belmonte has been amazing the last decade, and he is just getting started.

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