New R&B female artist combines soul with new meaning

Anna Goetz- A&E Editor

A new R&B soul artist with a touch of old school hip hop is steadily climbing the charts with her new single, “Don’t Love Me.” The New Zealand-born singer has released several singles and even two EP’s, “Dark Mind” and “XXEP.” Accompanying her latest single, the singer has released a heart-tugging new music video with it.

Signed with Atlantic records, Janine’s career dates back to 2014, making her a younger artist in the industry. But with nearly 200 thousand subscribers on Spotify, she has already made a name for herself in a few short years. After listening to her sound, listeners can easily understand her fame in a small amount of time. Janine combines soul and R&B in a way that is reminiscent of early 2000’s R&B but also puts a refreshing spin on songs about love, life and pain. Sharing her personal journey through her music, Janine touches on her experience with toxic relationships through “Don’t Love Me”. “A lot of people know what it’s like to be in love with someone but have to leave because it is destructive. ‘Don’t Love Me’ embraces the moment when it’s really over. It’s not about having a pity party for the things I’ve been through but more of a ‘You can’t mess with me anymore’,” the singer stated to Billboard magazine.

Not only touching on a subject many young listeners have had experiences with in their lifetime, but creating a new sound to pair it is what makes Janine stand out so well. Hardly a hit for the club, Janine’s music forces a listener to slow down and absorb the sound and meaning. Every track the soul singer releases tells a different story, sometimes an enlightening one, sometimes sobering. It is especially hard to not pay attention when the singer surprises the song with her vocal range. A new age R&B Amy Whinehouse, Janine presents a triple threat to the industry: voice, sound and lyrical beauty. While she is similar to other new-age R&B female artists such as Tinashe and Sinead Harnett, she incorporates more than just club music into her work.

Found on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, PlayMusic, SoundCloud and iHeartRadio, Janine can be heard on several different platforms. For music fans of R&B or soul looking for a refreshing new sound, voice and meaning, give Janine a listen.

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