Finals week, how to prepare for it

Freddie Saladin – Features Editor

It is that time of the year again. Papers and projects are due, people are panicking and the morale boosting late night breakfast is coming up. A lot goes on before and during finals week and it is easy to let panic set in. However, there are many ways to prepare for this.

No matter how many finals are given to a person, studying is the most important thing to do.

Of course, this applies to any other test, but responsibility is a huge factor when preparing for finals.

Study for each final for at least an hour a day or maybe more depending on how confident one feels about it.

Do not procrastinate! Finals week is like none other. Plan ahead and make sure that you know what days and times your finals are on. Sometimes there are classes that do not have a final, but most do.

Depending on which classes are taken in a semester, it is possible to get slammed with tough exams from every class.

If one is not prepared to take on this barrage of exams, grades can take a huge toll.

“Work ahead, so you can procrastinate where it counts,” said Eric Zavinski, a senior communication major.

If all work is done and finals are ready to be taken, most of the stress and worries will be tossed out the window.

There are tons of different ways to study for finals. Flashcards, group studies, highlighting and rewriting notes are some of the useful ways to study.

Methods for studying are different for everyone. Try out some other different methods if one does not work. If there is any required reading that must be done for the class, read it.

Not only is studying important, but it is substantial to make sure to eat a filling breakfast and stay energized.

Some finals are taken bright and early in the morning, and sometimes they are taken one right after the other, allowing there to be no breaks between the finals.

It can be very draining, which is why eating breakfast should not be forgotten. With a satisfied stomach, it will be much easier to focus while studying and taking your exams.

Senior communication major, Anna Goetz, shared her wise words saying, “stress is temporary, but my GPA is forever.”

Once finals week is over, there is a sense of satisfaction and relief that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

As much as many enjoy partying and having fun with friends, finals week is not the time to be doing these things. This is the time to be responsible.

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