Rest remains essential

Anthony Griggs – Columnist

“I want to stop! Maybe even quit. But I must slow down.”

Have you ever found yourself dwelling on any of those thoughts? We all have at some time, especially when we are trying to make something happen, and it is not going the way we want it to.

This could be, for some, almost every day. We are not robots, and we will get fatigued. And the best thing you can do for fatigue is to recover and learn from it.

In sports being fatigued or tired is usually the case when you are training or competing.  Just as in sports, life will have its moments also, where we will feel totally exhausted from all the effort and time spent trying to accomplish something.

Life also has shown us that we must not stop trying to make things happen despite the momentary circumstances of how tired we may feel. We must keep trying.

At the end of a sporting contest, there is usually a winner and a loser. Whichever side you end up on, you must recover from the hard, long and physically demanding game. This recovery time is crucial for the future. The next opportunity is just around the corner. It always comes.  You must recover.

Recovering from any demanding activity is obviously going to do wonders for you physically, but it is going to do more for you on a mental and emotional level.

The last element of the “Life is a Sport…Win It!” series is rest.  It is last not only because it is how we recharge after the activity of life, but also because proper rest is by no means easy.

You have earned skill, endurance, speed, weight training and diet.  Now you have time to let your body recover.  As an athlete, this is very important.  You cannot burn the candle at both ends, or soon there is no candle.

Once you have put the other elements (skill, endurance, speed, weight training and diet) in action, allow the natural healing process of the body take its course.  You must relax; you must sleep.  You must shut the body down completely from physical movement and let your body and self grow.

On a bigger scale, rest is also a matter of pondering: a matter of looking back, a matter of looking forward, thinking, meditating on what you have done and what you will be doing.

As you rest, as you think about what you have worked on, what you are working on?  Think of the achievements and goals.  Think of what it is going to feel like when a desirable result is reached, when you are actually in that place, when you are in that moment of making that play, when you are the one who is relied on, and you came through.

Ponder your greatest moments during this time of rest.

Rest is not only letting your body recover and not only a matter of letting your body heal or rejuvenate; it is a time of letting your mind free itself of all the limits you may have placed on it and letting your mind expand toward insight.  How far can you think past now?

Get past what you have done, get past what you think is going to happen and work on how you feel about what has happened and how you feel about what you want to happen.  See yourself further than you have seen yourself before.

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