New video game incorporates mythology, mystery and adventure


Alexis Rearick-Staff Writer

There was an adventure game which featured a sun goddess in the form of a wolf, Japanese mythology, and was similar to the Legend of Zelda. The game is called Okami. Okami was a game which was released many times over the years. The game first came out on April 20, 2016, for PlayStation 2. The game was brought back on Oct. 15, 2009, for the Nintendo Wii, and then Nov. 1, 2012, for PlayStation 3. On Dec. 12, 2017, the game will finally be coming out as a remastered edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Okami is a game which followed the Japanese mythology legend of Amaterasu Okami, the deity sun goddess, and her traveling companion of Issun, the artist and swordsman. There are evil forces that have awoken from the dragon Orochi, and players have the chance of meeting several astral gods and goddesses throughout, such as Bakugami and Gekigami.

As the game goes on, Amaterasu and Issun meet Susanoo, a man in Kamiki Village who feels pressured because of his ancestor Nagi and Amatseratus’ ancestor Shiranui, as they had defeated Orochi 100 years before the game. 100 years later, history would repeat itself as Orochi would take a virgin sacrifice from Kamiki Village unless the duo can put a stop to evil, as they learn the 13 constellation brush techniques, help with many side quests and destroy evil forces throughout.

Players also have the opportunity to go fishing in a fishing minigame, digging minigames, learn brand new moves through the dojo and hone Amatesratu’s skills, by drawing kanjis, such as bloom, slash, creating waterfalls and even make lightning. In Okami, there are many things to do, and players have the chance to unlock exclusive rewards for completing the game after collecting all 100 stray beads which are scattered throughout the game.

Okami is a good game that has been around for thirteen years, and many people have played it throughout those years. By being on several gaming stations, and even going on new systems, more people have the chance to play the game. The game is also known for being drawn with Japanese watercolors, full of beautiful imagery, as well as a soothing music score.

The game is definitely one that people should pick up. With such beauty, Okami is one of the best games to come from Japan and has a direct sequel to the Nintendo DS, Okamiden and director Hideki Kamiya wants to make Okami 2 in the future. By playing Okami, people will learn an appreciation for Japanese mythology, as well as learn a little about love, friendship, teamwork, and is an excellent game for any animal lover. The game is also known for its humor, admirable characters and even the story.

Okami is a great game and an overall great adventure. The game is rated T, for blood, gore, crude humor, fantasy violence, suggestive themes and use of alcohol, as well as the use of tobacco. It could be purchased as a Christmas gift, as it is only $20 at stores such as Gamestop and BestBuy. Go forth and collect the celestial brush techniques and enjoy a great adventure playing Okami.

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