Artists and fans eagerly await the Grammy awards with recent nominations

Cameron Finney- Staff Writer

This week marks to beginning of the celebration for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards with nominations now out. Fans of rap and R&B will be beyond happy. This year marked a shift in history for the award show, featuring no white males in the album of the category. This category might one of its kind in years with artists Lorde, Childish Gambino, Jay-Z, Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar. Though there may be some responses biased due to Lorde being the only woman nominated, but so far the response to this year’s nominations is full of praise. Here is some of the bigger highlights from the 2018 nominations.

After a releasing what became two breakout albums of the year, SZA and Khalid were welcomed for the first time by the Grammy academy with a whopping five nominations each including Best New Artist and Best R&B song for SZA’s “Supermodel” and Khalid’s “Location.” The R&B princess is the most nominated woman out of the whole ceremony; a great example why this year was truly ground-breaking for music, especially female singers. Khalid also broke ground by receiving these nominations at just the age of 19. Fans and critics agree that both artists are bound to go home with at least one Grammy award.

Another breakout star that received her first set of Grammy nominations is Kesha. The pop singer rose again in the music industry after a couple of struggling years with universal acclaim from the release of her third studio album “Rainbow.” The album, which is Kesha’s best reviewed album ever, got a nod for Best Pop Vocal Album. The artist also received a nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance for her platinum selling single “Praying,” which many thought deserved a nod for Song of the Year. Either way, Kesha’s music is a true representation of what hard work shows.

The Grammy academy has finally showed love towards the much deserving Childish Gambino with five nominations for his album “Awaken… My Love.” The album sparked major buzz after the rapper/singer was low-key about its release date and then did not tour for it. While conversation sparked about the star’s shift in music with a more R&B/psychedelic sound, the creative genius was receiving much praise and awards for creating the FX show Atlanta.

Hopefully this is the year the artist receives love from the academy for his diverse and unique work.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar has been nominated for the Album of the Year for the last two consecutive albums he has released and critics believe this year is the one that he is meant to win. His latest work, “DAMN.” was received with rave reviews and many can agree it was definitely an album that was heard around a lot, which is vital for contender of the major category. The rapper has seven nominations this year and now total 30 Grammy nominations out of his young career. If any rapper deserves some wins, Kendrick is first on many lists.

Another major highlight was the contenders for Song of the Year, which featured some major songs that fans would love to win. Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” has been on the radio non-stop since the summer time and now it is getting popular in the award ceremonies. The hit song is breaking ground for being a mostly Spanish spoken song going against all American songs in the category. Another song that really deserves the award is Logic’s suicide awareness song “1-800-273-8255.” Fans around the world will be so happy if the rapper’s beautiful song wins because it has such a deep impact on many lives, the reason why a song should be the song of the year.

Be sure to see who wins your favorite category at the 60th Grammy Awards on January 28th.

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