Opinion: Winner of Stanton sweepstakes will be World Series favorite

Austin Troutman / Sports Editor


Speculation around trading one of the best players in Major League Baseball has made fans excited about the future.

2017’s National League Most Valuable Player Giancarlo Stanton has been in trade rumors with the Miami Marlins since Derek Jeter’s group bought the team.

Currently, there are four main teams in the hunt to acquire the big slugger.

The St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox and World Series losers Los Angeles Dodgers are the top contenders for Stanton.

A deal of this caliber is one that every team in the league would want to make, but Stanton’s salary is so large that most teams cannot make a deal.

In late 2014, Stanton agreed to a deal with the Marlins for 13 years and 325 million dollars.

That is an average annual salary of 25 million, and the largest contract in North American sports history.

The four teams in on the deal are obviously getting a great hitter when Miami deals him, but what is the real potential for acquiring a player like Stanton?

In 2017, the great right fielder crushed 59 home runs and drove in 132 while on a team that was out of playoff contention for most of the year.

With the best stats in a season since Barry Bonds’ 73 home run year in 2001, we look at the possibilities for each team that may get him.

For the Cardinals, a perennial playoff contender until a disappointment until last year, could bolster an offense with arguably the best player in baseball.

San Francisco stayed in the basement of their division in 2017, and after three championships in five seasons, the Giants would like nothing more for another shot to win.

A World Series favorite last season was the Red Sox, and a team who got over the curse of the Bambino in 2004 is searching for their third title of the century.

Finally, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Many chose this team to take away the crown over the Astros at home in World Series Game 7, but the offense fell apart.

Adding Stanton to their roster for the next decade could be the ultimate factor to give LA its first championship since 1988.

Whoever could pull off this deal may become a favorite over the next few years to be the champion with a very much improved offense.

During the middle of 2017, fans witnessed Stanton saying that he was not happy because he was not winning.

His greatest season was somewhat nullified except for the fact that he won the MVP.

Now, he will almost certainly get his shot to not only get to the playoffs, but to take his team above and beyond and win a World Series title.


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