Lady Gaga dives into personal life with new documentary

Cameron Finney- Staff Writer

“You have to leave yourself behind.” states Lady Gaga about creating new music and the new era fans have been waiting for. Gaga truly began a new chapter of her life and career in 2016. That chapter involved pain, love, heart and soul. Now, in 2017 and from here on, that chapter has become a whole new book. The book is the Gaga that fans are finally getting to know, a singer who was a girl who disguised herself with theatrical elements. She is now a woman with a minimal uniform and wears her heart heavier than before. Fans have been welcomed to see this Gaga a little bit more after the release of the Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two.”

The documentary chronicles Gaga creating her fifth album “Joanne” and the success that has been rising from it. Fans have been apart Mother Monster’s world since 2008, but now is the best for her to open her mind and heart to fans in front of a camera. In the film, Gaga makes it known that she is her most confident she has ever felt.

The film starts and ends the same way physically and metaphorically. The powerhouse rises from the ground on Houston’s NRG Stadium for her performance during the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime show, rising to greater heights in her career. Gaga even states that it is kind of sad because nothing is truly higher than having those 13 minutes to perform to the world. Even though this is a form of high honors, she is still just beginning and has quite the career ahead of her. From the start of the film one instantly feels like a part of this personal world that Gaga is showing.

The singer is more down t-o-earth than people have ever realized. Retiring all the theatrical outfits and crazy wigs makes her even more beautiful inside and out than past years. This Joanne era is here to leave a permanent mark, Gaga even states that there is no going back to that time. The singer revealed that she was theatrical for such a long period because she was not ready to be so personal. “Making music is very evasive, like heart surgery…”, Gaga states,

Throughout the course of the film fans get the personal experience on what it was like to make “Joanne,” a praised album that is still in the top charts on Itunes after a year of debuting. Some best moments of the film are involving Gaga work in the studio, she truly is one of a kind. One can tell she does not want to just make a mark in the industry, she wants to break ground. The film shows how hard she pushes even when exhaustion, plus other commitments become intact. Lady Gaga is everything but a typical pop star, she is truly unique compared to anyone else in the music world. Gaga has created a platform that no matter what look she feels like portraying, she wants her fans to always love and feel themselves and especially with this personal album.

The most emotional scene that will have fans tearing up (or full-blown crying) is when Gaga goes to visit her grandmother in New York City with her father. There they go through old findings about the singer’s deceased aunt, whom was the main inspiration in this new album. Gaga also plays the title song for her Grandmother which is when the water works kick in for anyone watching. It was so beautiful to watch a connection be shown between a grandchild and grandparent, something that many people can relate with their own relatives.

The best quote of the film is when Gaga is in the final stages of her album getting released, “and I’m going to fight like hell for them to like this because it is loveable.” This quote hits so heavy around the first hour in the movie because it shows how much thought, patience, tears and pain Gaga has put into this record. The pain is especially noticeable because the star has created a beautiful record while dealing with flares of chronic pain and fibromyalgia on a daily basis. It takes guts to get through such an experience and come out strong.

The documentary leaves a beautiful mark on fans every time they watches it. The more one watch it the more you becomes intrigued and fascinated by the evolution of this trailblazer that is upon us. She is an activist that continues to connect with her fans throughout the rest of her life and fans thank her for that. “Five Foot Two” is worth your time!

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