Clarion University’s Media Day gets visitor

Amanda Betts – News Editor

CLARION, Pa- To kick off Autumn Leaf Festival celebrations, the Clarion University communication department hosted their annual Media Day in the gazebo on Main Street in Clarion Oct. 5.  Multiple organizations from the department attended to show off their skills to students and the surrounding community, including Clarion’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter, Eagle Media, WCUC (the university radio station) and the Clarion Call.

Professor William Adams has been involved in the Media Day festivities for the past three years, showcasing his work with Eagle Media. According to Adams, the outreach event is a fairly new tradition; having been formed within the last ten years. “[Media Day] adds visibility for our department, and it shows that students are engaged in the community,” Adams explained.  Given the fact that the university goes to great lengths to be present in ALF activities to connect with the community, Adams also added that Media Day is “the perfect way to do that.”

Contributed Photo/ The Clarion Call

Eagle Media provided music for the event, showcasing the university radio station 91.7 WCUC.  Kaitlyn Mulligan, social media coordinator and outreach director explained that the “very auditory” presentation was the organization’s main method of getting people to attend.  “We do a lot of planning to make sure enough people are going to be here all day,” Mulligan explained.  This was true of not only Eagle Media, but all organizations that participated.  At least one member of each club was present to interact with community members and students at all times.  Not only was this beneficial for getting visibility for the university, but also to help clubs that may not interact on a day-to-day basis to better understand what each other is working on.

The 2017 Media Day event was different from past years in a big way: Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack made an appearance to speak to students and faculty about his plans for small towns like Clarion, Pa.  Stack spoke to each student briefly, taking time to ask names and what each of them was doing at the event.  Eagle Media was given the opportunity to do a video interview with the Lieutenant Governor, and alongside Media Day itself, the Clarion Call was able to attend a speech given by Stack at the Clarion County Courthouse across the street from the gazebo.

Students and faculty from the Clarion University communication department were present at the event from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and remained focused and energetic about their organizations; creating a welcoming environment for members of the community and fellow students to come and learn about the opportunities that are at their disposal in the department.  “We always look forward to doing [Media Day].  It’s a great experience,” Professor Adams concluded.

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