Breakout rapper dives into industry with trap movement

Cole Johnson- Staff Writer

From high school dropout to trap star, Lil Pump (Gazzy Garcia) has emerged to be one of 2017’s hottest rap acts. At only 17 years of age Lil Pump has accomplished more in his short career than some artists do in their entire lives. Hailing from Miami, Florida Lil Pump is the new rising star in the trap movement, currently the fastest growing and most popular subgenre of Hip Hop.

He incorporates typical wall shaking bass with earworm hooks that will have one imitating his distinctive voice all day. Lil Pump currently has a top 50 hit on the billboard hot 100 with his infectious song “Gucci Gang” sitting at 46. Following a slew of smash SoundCloud hits with “D Rose” , “Flex like Ouu” , and a forementioned “Gucci Gang”, Lil Pump’s debut album is heavily anticipated by legions of hungry fans. Releasing his debut studio album self titled “Lil Pump” last friday, Lil Pump does not disappoint.

Admittedly it took a while to come around to Lil Pump, initially his simplistic and often repetitive lyrics turns one off a bit. But after several listens it became harder and harder to deny the catchiness of his debut album. “Lil Pump” runs twelve tracks in total with a very short run time of 25 minutes, often feeling more like a mixtape than a concise and cohesive album.

A take away was that the studio just wanted to cash in on the buzz surrounding this young rapper. That being said, the actual content of this short project is worth a lesson. With all his previously mentioned SoundCloud hits now in his official album, it can seem like a best of Lil Pump project. However, the new tracks that accompany his previous singles are perhaps some of the highest highs of all the album.

For a debut album, Lil Pump provides the listener with a plethora of relevant and talented contemporary hip hop artists. With the likes of 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Lil Yatchy and Rick Ross all gracing this album its hard not to find a fan’s head bobbing to tracks like “Iced Out”, “Back”, “Pinky Ring” and “Youngest Flexor”. Whatever shortcomings Lil Pump has with lyrical content he makes up with enthusiasm tenfold.

With the overall outcome being an exhilarating trap infused thrill ride that knows its exactly what it is and does not overstay its welcome. Fans are left satisfied and excited for more work from this young artist. With him kicking of his tour,  readers are encouraged to check him out live. Readers should know there is an upcoming Cleveland stop in December.

All in all if listeners like contemporary trap music, give Lil Pump a few listen, and  maybe become a fan to his catchy melodies.

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