‘American Horror Story’ promises greatest season yet

Trevor Lake- Staff Writer

This week’s episode of “American Horror Story” felt slightly different as the world correlated with the episode’s events. Recently, a terrible act of gun violence occurred within Las Vegas. This week’s episode had selected edits to a scene that may have been too harsh for some viewers after a tragedy. “American Horror Story” put victim’s rights before entertainment, and it was the right move.

The episode began with a rally, quickly followed by gunfire. The opening scene was one of the strongest moments thus far this season, and is explained as the episode progresses. Ally picks up with a daring search and rescue mission for Meadow. Climbing through the neighbor’s window, Ally invades Meadow’s home to find her tied up in the garage. In the scuffle of being freed, the two are discovered but escape. From there, Meadow tells Ally everything about the cult.

Despite the hordes of evidence, Ally is not sold on the reality of a cult. Ally wants definite proof. Meadow explains her revilement and dismay towards the group. She feels like her group has turned on her, and mentions that the only way to win is to kill Kai, the leader.

Viewers finally gain insight into Ivy’s intentions within the cult. Ivy can no longer stand her wife, Ally, because she was very hands on with their child. There was no contact between Ivy and her son; she felt left out,and grew resentful. Ultimately, Ivy has joined the cult as a way to achieve full custody of her son.

Later on at Ally’s meeting with Sally, Kai’s write-in opposition for city council. Sally believes her story of the cult, but the two are attacked moments after confiding. Ally flees upstairs where Sally is quickly overpowered. Ally also comes face to face with Ivy, who she recognizes even in the mask.

The end of the episode features the opening scene.. The twist is definitely one of the darkest moments in the show’s seven seasons. As the show reaches its middle peak, the plot is getting dark. This week was the darkest yet. “Cult” is balancing humor with horror to create on the greatest installments yet; the cult is shrewder than all past villains. “Cult” is showcasing the magic of great storytelling with its smart plot and excellent casting for characters. “Cult” is on track to being ne of the greatest seasons of “American Horror Story” yet.

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