Spidey surprises students with hypnotism, mental challenges

Ashley McCurdy – Staff Writer

Over the weekend, the international and sensational hypnotist and mentalist Spidey came to perform for Clarion University.  His show was performed in the Gemmell multipurpose room and had a fantastic turn out for both shows, with a larger turn out for the hypnotist show.  Both shows were fantastical and kept the audience at the edge of their seats.

For the mentalist show he had many volunteers participating.  The crowd was very eager to be on stage with this talented individual, and willing to help with every trick he performed.  Speaking to him after the show, he shared which tricks he felt always got the best reactions from the crowds and which ones are his favorite. His tricks that involved spirits had various reactions from the crowd, there were gasps of fear, awe and disbelief as Spidey managed to contact the spiritual world in front of the audience.

Another trick he performed that invoked quite the response was a trick involved five brown paper bags with a wooden plank in each, and one of those bags also contained a five-inch steel nail.  He would pick a bag based on his own assumptions and slap his hand down in order to try to find the bag with the nail.  With each bag, the crowd would collectively hold their breath, hoping and praying that he would pick a safe one.  According to Spidey, at the end of the show, he always gets asked about the nail trick and the bell trick, where he connects to the spirit world.

Another trick that he loves to perform involves bringing a person to the front of the stage to pick a moment of great joy in his or her life.  He connects with people in a unique way, and figures out the area their memory takes place, who they were with and draws out the image they associate that memory with.  He claims to love that trick because in that moment he can experience joy and happiness through someone else’s eyes.

On the second night, he pulled some students on stage and hypnotized them to reveal their deepest secrets, things they would never admit in a normal state of mind.  After the show, Spidey shared that he actually loves to perform for college campuses because the crowds are often the most fun. “I love colleges for what I do because mentalism has a good level of being entertaining, but it is also very smart… I like a crowd that’s going to have a crazy amount of fun and energy, and colleges tend to have a god mix of intelligence and fun so I really enjoy preforming my college tours.”

He also shared about a special coming on YouTube this month that he thought was kind of freaky.  While using a Ouija board with others, two people claimed to see something behind him.  When quizzed about the figure he explained “both claimed that they could see a name tag and the name on the nametag.”  They used the board to find out the figure’s name and it matched the name of two audience members, who did not see it name being spelled out on the board, and told him that they read it on the nametag.  It was one encounter he said was totally unexplainable.

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