Opinion: Something phone (y) about Oil City volleyball’s weak team effort

Joseph Lillard / Staff Writer


This past week, I observed the classic, “Route 8 Rivalry,” Franklin High School vs Oil City High School.

The stage, a volleyball court in Oil City.

The contest featured more back-and-forth action than a ping-pong game.

The game had everything: full five sets, tight scores, close calls and an unfortunate injury to one of Oil City’s leaders.

The Oilers claimed set one, and midway through set two, the incident occurred.

Faced with this adversity, Oil City dropped the next two sets.

With the Knights seemingly in control, the Oilers had to fight back with a key part of the team on the sidelines.

Oil City rose to the occasion, and took the last two sets to claim the victory.

It was an energetic night, one that would be more exciting than an iPhone, right?

Well, I guess not.

Amid the excitement, I looked at some of the junior varsity players who were right behind the bench in uniform.

About three of them were on their phones, and if a big play happened on the court, the girls did not seem aware of it until the student section reacted.

Even then, the players did not seem like they cared that much.

This blew my mind to think that a player was on their phone during a game.

Is it because we are a small-town region?

Is it because the players are only on junior varsity and just are not interested in varsity?

Are sports just not as big a deal as I remember?

Thinking back, if I had done something like that, I do not think the next practice would have been fun.

In fact, I am 95 percent sure that I would be running like I was training for a marathon.

I get it that people might not be interested to watch a small-town school play against another small-town school.

I understand that the students might want to watch a football game more than a volleyball game.

However, I do not understand how you try-out for a team and do not cheer or support your squad.

If no one else cares, you should because that is your team, too.

When someone slams the ball down for a point, get loud!

When someone dives for a ball to extend a play and your team scores a point, get excited!

When the gym is empty, fill it up with some noise because this might be it for some of the players on your team.

It might not be your day, yet.

However, if you cannot show some interest in your own team, maybe the sport is not for you.

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