Opinion: MLB postseason winner should be Indians

Austin Troutman / Sports Editor


With the MLB postseason starting up, everyone is trying to predict who will win the ultimate prize, the World Series.

Picking the winner out of ten teams is difficult because anything can happen, but there is one team in each league that I can choose to be the favorite for this year’s fall classic.

In the American League, the Twins, Yankees, Red Sox, Astros and Indians are fighting to go to the World Series.

Each team obviously has a great roster, that is why they are in the playoffs to begin with, but the Indians are the favorite in my mind for the American League.

Cleveland was 90 feet away from tying game seven of the 2016 World Series, and the offense, starting rotation and even the great bullpen got better.

With the additions of Edwin Encarnacion and Jay Bruce to the lineup, the Indians can be scary to any team going up against them.

The thing that really sets Cleveland apart from the rest of the pack is the great pitching.

Corey Kluber leads the staff in virtually every major category, and is one of the best pitchers in the game.

With three solid starters and an excellent bullpen with some of the most explosive arms in the league, I am picking Cleveland to play in late October.

They have the talent, experience and the number one seed which makes them tough to beat.

The National League gives us the Rockies, Diamondbacks, Cubs, Nationals and the number one seed Dodgers.

The 2017 regular season saw one of the best Dodgers teams ever, as they won 104 games.

Los Angeles has now won five consecutive division titles, and has not won a World Series since 1988.

With one of the best pitchers possibly ever, Clayton Kershaw, and a lock-down bullpen, this could be the year the Dodgers go to the end.

The offense for LA has been ignited by the rookie sensation Cody Bellinger, and this team can put up runs with the best of them.

A lot of people do not like to pick two number one seeds, but this year there has been no one better than Cleveland and the Dodgers.

So, Indians vs Dodgers, who do you pick for that great series starting Oct. 24?

I choose the Indians.

They have not won it all since 1948, and with that close loss in game seven last year, this team is back, and it is hungry.

Also, the Indians in late August and early September played the best baseball that anybody has ever seen.

This team amazed the baseball world by winning 22 games in a row, the best mark without a tie.

If you are having trouble picking a team to root for, or cannot decide on a team that you think will win, Cleveland is the favorite to win this year’s exciting fall postseason tournament.

The 69-year drought could very well be over by no later than Nov. 1.

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