Miley Cyrus opens up to fans with new studio album

Cameron Finney- Staff Writer

2017 has been quite the eventful year, good and bad. One thing is for sure is that this year is full of Miley Cyrus, the most since her days as the pop sensation Hannah Montana on  Disney Channel. Being arguably the most watched talent from the Disney generation, Cyrus has been watched by fans and critiqued over the years.  After a break from her 2015 “Dead Petz” era, Cyrus has returned better than ever.

The pop singer, who has been in the industry for over 11 years, went through several eras of her career and this new one is the best of the best. “Bangerz” contained a risky and fun Cyrus who had the guts to do whatever she wanted, but this “Younger Now” version o herself is all of that and then some. “Younger Now” may be a representation of a new era, but deep down it is the singer that fans knew all along.

Many fans and Cyrus have agreed that the singer is herself now more than ever. The best way to describe this new era is happiness. Headlines surfaced during the beginning of 2016 when it was announced that former flame Liam Hemsworth re-proposed to Cyrus, now she has an album to explain her love for him. Cyrus released her sixth studio album last week called “Younger Now.” Fans can believe that this is the most personal music from her based on the fact that she is the only writer for the majority of her songs.

The title track is important because it sets a mood for the rest of an album or, in this case,the beginning.. “Younger Now” is an ode to her old eras. She has  become a positive speaker advocating for change. Cyrus does not regret any of her career decisions and this is the best way to show it. One can easily feel the happiness from the start. In a way, the song stands for so much, but is also the least personal on the record, showing why it was the first track.

Love is such a strong force to uphold, and Cyrus’s love for Hemsworth is boasted so romantically in “I Would Die for You..” After a couple of years of dating other people, Cyrus admits nothing is the same without him in her life with lyrics “I have your heart, I don’t need your ring/ I’d give up all I have in exchange for who I love more than anything.” This is by far the deepest song on this record.

An old flame must have ticked off Cyrus because “Love Someone” is the next rock song on the album that is full of fury. She is done sweating the damage that her unknown ex has left, adding the fact that the love was not genuine, she is freeing herself to better vibes: “Kickin’ off my shoes and runnin’ towards the sun. I said Nothing’s really worth it unless you’re having fun/ you gotta love someone.”

There is another track about an old flame, but this time it does not have a furious tone. This track is very empathetic towards the person she used to love, which led media to think that it is about Cyrus’s ex-girlfriend and supermodel Stella Maxwell since the track is called “She’s Not Him.” She sings about her ex-lover changing her life and feels sorrow towards her, but acknowledges she will never be Hemsworth. The song will go down as the biggest revelation that fans did not see coming.

There is no better way to end the article than to talk about where this new era started, and that is the song “Malibu”. Cyrus returned to music with this song as her first single, and she has her fiancé to thank for the inspiration. The moment that the singer performed the song live at the Billboard Music Awards in the summer, people knew this was an amazing time to be a fan. That performance was full of so much passion one could not help but cheer and maybe cry. Hemsworth brought so much out of Miley, this relationship reminds people that love is possible even if you break up for three years. Everything happens for a reason and because of Cyrus’s past, she now has gifted fans with best album yet.

Be sure to catch Miley on Mondays and Tuesday currently on NBC’s “The Voice”.

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