‘American Horror Story’ dives deeper, pushes plot forward

Trevor Lake- Staff Writer

The fifth installment of “American Horror Story: Cult” dove deeper into backstory and pushed further with the current timeline. Ally encounters new issues and viewers get a look into Kai’s past.

The episode begins with Beverly and her boss in an argument, followed by the revealing of the characters within the cult. We find that Detective Samuels, the grocery clerk, Ivy and Beverly’s cameraman are involved with obvious members, Winter and the Wiltons. Kai states their mission is to rise to power in a position of the city council; their objective is to spread fear. They argue that they need to make the murders more graphic, deciding on a satanic twist, and showing the clowns in the act.

Ally discusses her failing marriage with Dr. Vincent. She is only allowed to see her son Ozzy under supervised visits. Ozzy notices his mom trying hard to receive affection, and shrugs her off. Ally is obviously distraught about losing her bond with her son. She is living a nightmare, and Ivy is obviously questioning whether or not she has bargained too much with Kai and his cult.

The first target for the cult is Beverly’s boss. Participation is not optional, and Kai tells all members to attend. To give a traditional “American Horror Story” shock moment, we find that there is a gimp upstairs. Some members of the cult believe they should free the individual and spare his life. Kai is slightly angered and kills the man. Ivy is stunned and rushes to a restroom, followed by Winter.

The episode focuses heavily on the relationship between Beverly and Kai. The promise of equal power is evident. Beverly has a one-on-one session where she asks Kai about his past, admitting that she knows Kai had told every member of the cult a different story. She also talks to Kai about ridding the group of the weakest link. The first guess is Meadow based on a flashback. On the night of a past killing, Meadow felt sorry for the victim. Later in the episode, Ally finds Meadow in a ditch, later pounding on the window of her house before being thrown in a hood and taken. Meadow screams to Ally stating that everyone she knew, including the babysitter and her wife, were in the cult.

The episode ends with the members of the cult killing their ‘weakest link.’ The scene shows Ivy’s growing concerns about her actions. To top that off, we get the truth about Kai. Kai is just an ordinary kid whose parents had a rocky relationship. Events ensue, and we find that Dr. Vincent is Kai and Winter’s older brother. The group covered up their parent’s murder/suicide. It is not clear if Dr. Vincent knows about the involvement in the cult.

“Cult” is taking a slower route again this week by adding more detail to the past. The cult has been organized for a long time. All of the actions thus far have been planned. With events getting more severe, we can only wait to see what events unfold next week.

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