Adam Levine’s Clarion apparel leaves mark

Eric Zavinski – Editor in Chief

CLARION, Pa- Music superstar Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and coach on The Voice television program gave Clarion University  millions of viewers worth of free visibility when he wore an old university t-shirt at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards in mid-August.

While there is no plausible way to determine if Levine’s taste in wardrobe had any effect on Clarion University enrollment, his shirt got people talking on social media.  Even now, it is  relatively easy to run into someone on campus who is willing to bring it up in conversation.

Clarion University Marketing Director David Love reported to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the University Activities Board sent Levine the shirt in hopes that he and his band would perform at CampusFest, Clarion’s major entertainment event in the spring.

Levine  did not perform at a Clarion University CampusFest, but keeping the shirt seems to have proved worth  the investment for the university.

“Naturally, I was ecstatic when I saw Adam in the Clarion shirt,” said CampusFest Chairperson Cailyn Pacuraru.  “My first thought was ‘Is this a joke?’ and I really couldn’t believe it.”

Contributed Photo/ the Clarion Call
Adam Levine (left) sported a retro Clarion University t-shirt during the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

While Levine has not communicated directly with Clarion students or alumni about his wearing the shirt,  communities on social media continue  to rave about his appearance.

“It’s so awesome seeing a huge celebrity wearing your school’s gear, even for a tiny state school like Clarion,” said Pacuraru.

Moments after she saw it live on the award show Aug. 13, Clarion University senior Jenny Wisniewski exclaimed on Twitter: “ADAM LEVINE IS WEARING A CLARION UNIVERSITY SHIRT.”

Understandably, similar outcries issued forth on platforms  including Facebook and Instagram  to be read by many Clarion students.  Many were enthusiastic enough to email the Clarion University Store to ask Maryanne Graybill and her staff to restock the shirt for sale.

A week after Levine wore his Golden Eagle swag, the store had it back in stock.

Graybill mentioned the shirt originally appeared as official apparel in the early 1970s.  Getting it reintroduced on store shelves involved finding the original design of mascot Ernie the Eagle for the shirt.

She also said that approximately 500 “Adam Levine” shirts have been sold since it returned to the store’s shelves Aug. 20.  A majority of sales were made in the first few weeks it returned, and with Autumn Leaf Festival bringing in alumni, sales are expected to rise further.

The Clarion University Store is even looking for photos of students wearing the shirt Levine wore to post within its venue at the Suites on Main South.  Individual or group photos can be sent to for consideration.

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