The ultimate autumn playlist for a fresh new sound

Cameron Finney- Staff writer

laylists are great to create because they can be categorized based on moods, sounds, and genres or favorite artists. As cliché as this may sound, playlists can truly change one’s day. Even though not all readers may enjoy the same music, this playlist is worth the listen. The following contains a list of songs that really compose a good mood for a nice afternoon.
“The Lourve” by Lorde: What better way to start a playlist than with an 80’s beat and the creative mind of Lorde? The pop sensation returned to her music this past summer with the amazing sophomore album “Melodrama”. “The Lourve” is a personal favorite from the album, along with many  other songs. Her daring and creative lyris put her at the top of favorite albums from the entire year.

“Too Much to Ask for” by Niall Horan: On top of announcing a 2018 world tour, Horan releases yet another hit song after the huge summer success from “Slow Hands”. For this song, Horan slows it down, adding sounds that pair perfect with driving around, walking, or dancing. Those who are fans of the British singer James Bay may enjoy this new song, as it sounds much like his music.

“Meet Me in the Hallway” by Harry Styles: To say Hary Styles left a mark on millions of listeners is an understatement. The recently turned solo singer nailed his first album without the help of the former One Direction group members. “Meet Me in the Hallway” is the pilot  on his self-titled EP and is one of his best with its addicting guitar strums and raw lyrics, leaving a fan wondering which lover the song is about.

“Saved” by Khalid. The R&B singer recently won Best New Artist at the VMA’s and will soon start to tour with Lorde during her European leg of her “Melodrama” tour this fall. With endless praises, this artists is worth taking a listen. “Saved” is a definite favorite for its chill vibes that display Khalid’s vocals extremely well.

“Joanee” by Lady Gaga: Even though the title song of Gaga’s sixth studio album came out almost a year ago, it is still relevant to this day, if not even more. Gaga has been on a train of success wth 2017 being her biggest year in a long time, especially with her new tour commencing shortly and a documentary being released on Netflix. During the intimate documentary, Gaga visits her grandmother and plays the single, which is about her grandmother’s deceased daughter.

“Bastards” by Kesha: Confidence and advice are boasted in this new, slow jam by the returning pop phenomenon who had to fight hard o get to where she is now. After years of fighting for her right to create new music, she is now back better than ever. The singer is laying out all her personal stories into an album of new content and this song really does justice showing who Kesha is, a strong, beautiful woman who will not let fear and negativity take over her life.

“Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles. A second favorite by the stylish Styles has also largely left an impact on listeners this past summer. His music grabs and places fans in another world, a world that is relaxng and emotional. “Two Ghosts”, off of his self-entitled album, reminds people of music from older decades.

“HomeadeDynamite” by Lorde: Yet another song worth obsessing over. This is a second favorite from the pop princess, also from the album “Melodrama” but as a new remix. The remake features three new rising stars in the music industry: Post Malone, Sza, and Khalid. How much better can an explosive remix be than that?

Lastly, “Attention” By Charlie Pruth, on Spotify Sessions. To properly end a good playlist, there needs to be a stripped-down song. This version of the pop-hit “Attention” is very intimate, but still makes listeners want to sing along. This version shows his ability to perform live, and on a subtle, more softer note, making fans want more.

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