Uggs, mugs, warm hugs welcome season

Lindsey Mays – Staff Writer

It is hard to believe it is already fall! The recent weather we have been experiencing has really thrown off the normal trends and activities that most people participate in during this time of year. The leaves are starting to change color and crinkle underneath our feet as we walk down the street. It is more than just a change in season. From the clothes we wear, to the foods we eat, and the activities we take part in, all play a vital role in the fall season.

Clothing: A lot of people anticipate sweater weather because it easy and comfortable. It can be worn with very comfortable leggings and do not forget those Ugg boots. The temperatures are finally at a normal temperature where sweatpants and sweatshirts can be worn without the fear of becoming overheated. Scarves and hats quickly make their way into everyday attire, as we try to stay trendy while staying comfortable.

Food: Fall food really consists of apples and pumpkins and whatever you can make out of them. We crave foods and drinks that seem to warm our souls. From spaghetti and chili to apple or pumpkin pie, or hot chocolate or coffee with anything pumpkin it just seems to make life that much sweeter. Companies live for changes in seasons or holidays because it is a perfect time to get consumers hooked on such limited and loved items.

Activities: Simply said, fall equals football season, and who does not love football season? It also calls for campfires and s’mores. The weather is perfect to hike or play games with friends. For those with an eye for photography, really enjoy the opportunity for pictures of the colorful leaves. It also means the days will continue to get shorter and binge watching Netflix will become more and more popular.

Let’s see what some of our Clarion students love about the fall weather:

“My favorite thing about the fall is the colder weather and being able to wear comfy hoodies and sweaters. Oh, and don’t forget the hot chocolate and casseroles.” –Sara Smerkar, Sophomore Strategic Communications Major.

“I just really enjoy the cooler weather and being able to wear sweatpants and comfortable clothing.” –Taite Foley, Junior Finance and Paralegal Major.

“I love fall because it means Dairy Queen has pumpkin pie blizzards.” –Brooke Mays, Senior Strategic Communications Major.

“I love the smell of the leaves and how the air just kind of feels different. I love when the colors change into orange and reds and browns, something about it is so visually appealing and beautiful. I also love Halloween with scary movies and costumes and candy, especially discount candy on November 1!” –Morgan Bashline, Senior Information Systems Major.

“I love the fall because that is when the Autumn Leaf Festival occurs. I have been to it every year and it is always a blast!” –Kelley DeSantis, Sophomore Accounting and Information Systems Major.

“I just love sweaters and hockey.” –Matt Chapman, Junior Information Systems Major.

But with all that said, fall means so much more than all of that to Clarion. It means it is about time for the Autumn Leaf Festival. The annual festival is all about celebrating fall and the beautiful leaves of the trees. The festival starts this Saturday, Sept. 30 and will run through the

Following Sunday, Oct. 8. Do not miss the delicious food vendors, carnival rides and games and various shows and events.

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