Opinion: Stick with MLB postseason in October

Austin Troutman / Sports Editor


October may seem like just another month to some people, but to sports fans, October is one of the best months of the year.

There are so many options to choose from. The NFL season is about a month old, the NBA and NHL have started up the preseason, which gets fans excited for the real thing.

But, in this season particularly, baseball should be the most exciting sport on TV in October.

The MLB postseason starts Oct. 3 with the American League Wild Card game, National League the day after, and even if your team is not in the race, the ten best teams in baseball are going for one prize at any cost.

With the emerging arguments in the NFL about the national anthem, the stacked Western Conference in the NBA making about eight teams in the sport relevant and a possible three-peat in the NHL, baseball jumps to the top of the list for me.

Football has been bothering me lately with the explosion around the national anthem.

Standing, kneeling, staying in the locker room, I do not even care anymore.

Just play the game.

The NBA has had the same finals matchup every year for the past three seasons: Cavaliers against the Warriors.

If you look around the league, it will most likely be the Cavs or Celtics against one of the newly loaded teams from the west, or the Warriors again.

How many times do we need to see the same thing without getting bored?

The NHL becomes second in my mind, as the games are fast paced, new teams are becoming better contenders, and Sidney Crosby hopes to lead the Penguins to a third straight Stanley Cup.

Even then, the regular season does not start until Oct. 4, which gives us plenty of time to catch some games.

At its peak, baseball can be one of the most unpredictable sports out there, as anything can happen.

I am not saying that other sports are predictable, but baseball has that special feeling in a game that means something, or even everything.

Last season, baseball fans saw one of the greatest World Series battles ever, where 176 combined years of frustration had to come to end for either the Cubs or the Indians.

Naturally, the epic series went seven games and saw an extra inning finale in Cleveland that had everything, including a short rain delay.

You might think that it cannot possibly be any better than last year, but teams get better, stadiums get louder and a new winner emerges practically every season.

In fact, the MLB repeat has not occurred since the New York Yankees dynasty of the late 90s and in 2000.

With all these great sports to choose from in October, make sure to keep the pennant race on TV whenever possible.

The 2017 MLB postseason will bring a lot of excitement to each fan watching the games.

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