Frank Ocean surprises fans with refreshing new single

Cole Johnson- Staff Writer

Frank Ocean, singer, songwriter, a true once in a generation talent, has released his newest work. Airing on his Beats One radio station aptly named “Blonded” radio. The track titled “Provider” has been circulating the streaming services for a few weeks now following a slew of new releases.

Over the last year Ocean has trickled out a new track every few months.The tracks proceeding his newest release have been “Lens” featuring Travis Scott and “Biking” featuring Jay Z and Tyler the Creator, with the first single after his album being “Chanel”.

While each track he has released has been dramatically different, “Provider” sounds perhaps the most similar to his recent body of work “Blonde”, capturing that same spacey, neo- soul sound that we now associate Ocean with.

Taking a soft ,airy, synth-driven instrumental with a boom bap snare drum helps give life to Ocean’s eerie vocals. Coupled with different voice modulations layered throughout the song adds that iconic ‘Frank Ocean flare’ that not only adds a more interesting pallet to the ear but sets him apart from others.

In a fast paced music business that more often than not will ride the wave of exploitation, Ocean seems to always be one step ahead of the pack, never sacrificing his character or his sound for a hot 100 hit. Rather, he continues to carve his own path in a muddled swamp of replication that is called music nowadays, providing the listener with a cool reprieve from the oversaturation of todays trap music and EDM driven pop tracks

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