‘American Horror Story’ reveals secrets, complicates plot

Trevor Lake- Staff Writer

The fourth episode of “American Horror Story: Cult” took a break from the current show’s timeline, and used this installment to give some much needed background information. The episode features many of the characters previous to the election. This episode also shows that Kai is the mastermind behind all of the impending chaos.

The episode begins with Beverly Hope shooting a segment about a local polling station. Emma Roberts makes her highly-anticipated return to the series portraying Serena, her conservative rival. Kai ends up rushing into frame to help an injured man vote.

There is a flashback to Harrison. Viewers find that he and Kai met through a gym that Harrison is employed at. Harrison is constantly belittled at work and admires Kai’s confidence. He is also facing various financial troubles at home with his partner, Meadow. After playing to Harrison’s senses, Kai instructs Harrison to perform a dark deed. Before you know it, you see the two as they join the cult.

The show later flashes to December, where Kai meets Beverly Hope. Beverly eventually becomes the joke of an internet meme. This moment correlates so much with our current age. Beverly took a leave of absence after her fiasco online. Kai finds Beverly at her lowest, and wants her to help him spread fear through her reporting. Surprising viewers, Kai states that he is an Iraq veteran and an Ivy League graduate. He promises equal power, but Beverly declines.

Later, we return to Serena, who is about to shoot a story when you notice a clown appear walking into frame. The dread builds as the clown approaches closer, in the end unveiling a total of three. Serena and her camera man are brutally murdered and Kai admits the deed to Beverly when asked. This is the beginning of the cult: A system based on fear and belief.

There is another shocking blow this episode. It turns out Ivy and Winter know each other from a political rally. Winter tries to stop a man who sexually assaults Ivy. The two create their own justice. Based on this, we can only wonder what Ivy’s role is now with Ally.

The grand amount of background information in this episode helped paint a clear narrative. This entire season is complex and well thought out. The revealing of characters and their deeds has shown that no one is necessarily good. It also shows that everyone is more connected than what we had previously thought. As the show unfolds, we can only ponder on what shocking event will happen next.

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