Opinion: MLB needs to include these changes

Austin Troutman / Sports Editor

Major League Baseball has been around for about a century and a half, and there have been many adaptions to the game since it started around 1867.

Everyone has probably thought of ways to change the game for the better, but there are a few changes today that people are starting to agree upon, a pitch clock, and expanded rosters.

A pitch clock has been debated upon for the last few seasons, mainly because successful versions have been used in the minor leagues and other places other than the MLB.

People want to see this clock, including myself for certain pitchers, such as Pedro Baez of the Los Angeles Dodgers, for example, who take about 35 seconds between each pitch.

Pitchers like Baez completely change the tempo of the entire game, and that could possibly bore some people.

Today’s society, especially in sports, wants to see more action, and it does not get accomplished when pitches are being thrown at a slow pace.

The pitch clock should be used as a tool to keep a game flowing.

Many young pitchers coming through the system are now already used to a pitch clock, which means only a few baseball veterans would have to adapt.

I’m not saying that a pitcher should pitch, get the ball back and be ready to pitch again, but a pitcher should not have to walk around the mound and adjust his cap after he throws each pitch.

Watching that happen repeatedly is just unnecessary, and should, most likely will happen, maybe as soon as next season.

The other change that people are bringing up now, especially this time of year, is the roster situation across baseball.

From the beginning of the season until Aug. 31 baseball has the same rules for rosters, 25 players.

Once the calendar flips to September, teams can use up to 40 players, which basically means a complete bullpen and bench will always be available.

So, why is it then in the last and most important month of the season is played under entirely different rules?

Baseball is a game that is supposed to be a 162-game grind over about six months, but some teams can use the 40-man rosters as an advantage to rest their best players for the postseason.

The sport needs to find a happy medium for the roster idea.

Many people believe that a team should be able to keep about 28 or so players on the team, but for any given series, that team would have to designate the 25 that they want to use.

This would allow three players to rest at a certain point in the season.

Baseball is a simple game, you pitch, you hit, you catch.

Now, everyone has a reason to complicate things, and it is time to stop and just enjoy the game we have been watching for 150 years.

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