New R&B artist makes her mark on the music industry

Cameroon Finney- Staff Writer

Every summer there are waves of new artists that soar through our summer playlists and become the new underdogs of the music industry that people grow to follow and listen to.

Many can agree that last summer’s new artist was Chance the Rapper, with his ground-breaking rap album “Coloring Book,” but this year, it is a woman who has stood out the most with this new wave in 2017. That new artist is SZA (pronounced sizza).

SZA, originally known as Solana Rowe, has earned the crown as the princess of R&B this year with her debut album “CTRL” released by the RCA record label. The singer has been gaining praise from fans and critics for her raw, emotional and provocative lyrics, which at some points hit the heart of many fans who deal with the ups and downs of love on a daily basis. A singer who speaks the truth of young adults in a way that no one in the R&B industry is currently, is so refreshing and amazing to experience. SZA has provided us with what may be named one of the top albums of the year.

“…runnin’ from love, only know fear. That’s me, Ms. 20 something,” is a line from the final song on the album, “20 Something.” It is apparent many fans can relate to SZA’s music, especially this song, because it contains the truth. Listeners are young adults working through the hardest years of education while each dealing with personal issues that most young adults can agree on. That is why this song is so meaningful. We are full of so much fear because we do not always know what is ahead of us in the future.

A lot of times, fans feel that artists cannot actually relate but SZA was so vulnerable to make this slow song the last effort on her album that she purposefully  impacted fans.

The best thing about the debut album is the fact that every single song is unique with its own sound. The song, “Supermodel,” boasts the issues of break-up and insecurity with a slow sound in the background, making it so impacting that one cannot help but want to listen over and over again.

The singer borrowed a beat from legendary pop artist Justin Timberlake for her provocative song called “The Weekend,” which contains lyrics that are hard to relate to romantically, but is just so catchy! SZA switched the mood many times, and one of the most unique songs on “CTRL” is “Prom,” where she goes full pop mode on fans. A very chill afternoon type of production is heard on “Doves in the Wind,” which features an excellent, yet humorous rap from Kendrick Lamar who is one of her first supporters in the music industry and reasons why she is here today.

The song that fans may be aware of the most is what first caught listner’s attention, “Love Galore.” The lyrics, just like other songs on the record, contain a story that is familiar to this generation. The complications of love are so common; everyone has their own story, and SZA opened her heart to tell this story with Travis Scott.

SZA has recited that freestyling is a major effort in the process of making her own music, and you can truly tell in the songs. These songs are masterpieces that are all over the place, but come together by the end and make greater material than pop singers who hire powerful producers to write all of their lyrics. The more personal, the better.

Expect nothing but praise and accolades to be handed to SZA in the future. Here is to hoping someone experiences her current CTRL tour, and that she has been nominated for Grammy’s, coming in December.



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