Former NFL player shares life advice

Eric Zavinski – Editor in Chief

Former NFL player Anthony Griggs knows a lot about the sport of football. It requires a lot of strategy to make sure a player knows and understands their way around a game.

Also, according to Griggs, life is a game of sorts too. In the first presentation of the 2017-18 Martin Luther King Celebration, Griggs took the podium at the Gemmell Student Complex Multi-Purpose Room Tuesday night with his motivational presentation: “Life’s a Sport: Win It!”

From being a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns to being a president of his own business at AG Squared Networks, Inc., the life of Anthony Griggs has changed a lot.

In his speech, he reiterated many times that it is crucial for any athlete, and for any human, to be aware of change and that it cannot be avoided.

“[Change] is always later than you think,” said Griggs.

He outlined six ingredients for being a proactive agent in a life full of change. By focusing on skill, endurance, speed, conditioning, diet and rest, Griggs mentioned that life can be made more fulfilling.

Griggs said that skill is the number one gift someone can refine from birth. It is an attitude to continue improving and taking opportunities.

One example Griggs used of such dedication to skill was star wide receiver Hines Ward, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who initially started on the club’s special teams unit and was going to get cut. Once a fellow player became injured, Ward jumped in and showed how his patience and skill would soon pay off.

Endurance, Griggs explained, is a determination to perform. Griggs recalled from high school football how many of his teammates put their hands on their knees after running laps. In the metaphor of life, Griggs connected, he said that is best to keep walking, even while one is tired, just like he did starting in high school.

Speed, he said, is an equalizer. Sometimes faster is better. It is also important, Griggs mentioned, to stay conditioned and to be able to adapt to life’s changes.

“The more I do, the more I can do,” said Griggs. “That’s why people don’t know what I can do.”

Griggs believes that his fifth element, diet, is all about what gives someone energy. Energy can be broadly defined; the four categories of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy are crucial to feeling whole, and different things feed each quarter.

“One thing at a time: that’s mental energy,” said Griggs.

He has used rest as a means for reflection. Spending one’s time alone and thinking about future destinations in life can be an asset. The “deep end of the pool thoughts,” as Griggs described them, can be scary to think about, but that reflection is often worth performing.

“You’re investing in tomorrow,” said Griggs in highlighting his six steps toward winning the game of life. “Embracing this can take you to the next level.”

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