Clarion’s Volleyballers stay hot

Joseph Lillard / Staff Writer

Clarion volleyball closed out its trip in West Virginia on a tear.

The Golden Eagles dominated three of its last four opponents, Charleston by three games to one, Fairmount State by three games to two, and West Liberty by three games to none.

Against Chaleston, Clarion claimed the first two games by scores of 25 to 18 and 25 to 17, respectively.

Chaleston posted a win in the third game of the contest, but Clarion but its opponents to bed with a 25 to 14 victory in the fourth game.

Taylor Braunagel lead the game with 18 kills, two aces, and eight digs.

Olivia Olsen added 12 kills to Clarion’s efforts.

Clarion may have been tripped up Wheeling Jesuit University, but it responded against Fairmount State University.

Clarion collected game one, 25-20, but dropped the second one 25-23.

The Golden Eagles emphatically claimed game three by a score of 25-16.

Fairmount responded by taking game four, but Clarion slammed the door shut with a 15-13 decision over the Falcons.

Olson lead the Eagles with a team high 19 kills to go with seven blocks and two aces.

Holden added 15 kills and two blocks, and Braunagel contributed 13 kills and three blocks to the winning side.

Riding off the momentum of its victory, Clarion made short work of West Liberty University.

Clarion swept West Liberty by scores of 25-23, 25-19, and 25-15, respectively.

Holden and Braunagel gathered ten kills a piece, and Olsen added nine of her own.

Christina Cotton boosted a game-high four aces for the Golden Eagles.

Clarion’s volleyball team’s rocketed to a 9-3 start.

Braunagel said on the success that, “We’ve taken a lot of care in the preseason to work on our individual mental game. We’ve began reading a book as a team, The Way of the Champion, that really emphasizes personal affirmations in different situations. This helps to keep us focused on the process rather than the result!”

On September 29, Clarion travels to Kutztown for its next match-up.

Last season, Clarion defeated Kutztown fairly easy.

How will Clarion keep from getting sloppy in a game that should be a win?

Braunagel stated that, “We approach each match with the same level of respect for whoever is on the other side of the court. We owe it to ourselves and the other team to compete at our highest level, regardless of what stratification of skill may be present!”

As far as how to keep this hot start going, Braunagel says, “That’s simple. If we maintain our focus, I don’t think we can be stopped. We’ve got a really passionate group of girls that just want to work hard and get better. If we keep working harder than whoever is on the other side of the net, we will reap the harvest of success.”

The game against Kutztown starts at 7:00 pm.

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