Clarion education students visit Brockway Elementary

Freddie Saladin – Features Editor

On Sept. 1, Clarion University students partnered with Quiet Creek Farm and Brockway Elementary to provide an eco-friendlier environment while educating the elementary students.

Supervised by Dr. Jacqueline Manno, the focus of the project was to create two compost bins for the elementary school, which were provided by Quiet Creek Farm.

Anything that is compostable can be thrown into the bins, allowing red wiggler worms to eat the compost and produce soil. Brockway Elementary is using these bins for any scraps that are gathered from the breakfast program.

Morgan Gober, a Clarion University student who participated in the project, said, “the students at Brockway Elementary school learned what could be used in the compost bins and then how the worms inside the bins would eat the compost to make soil to use on plants.” This project was a great experience for both Clarion students and the elementary students. “As an early childhood and special education major, I always love the idea of working with children. I, myself, learned a lot about the composting process. It was great to do my part of helping the environment by teaching today’s youth about the importance of caring for the Earth,” said Gober.

When talking more about the importance of children learning how to care for the environment, Gober said, “Landfills are hurting our environment and it is nice to see local school districts doing their part in helping to reduce waste.”

Another early childhood education major, Summer Murray, had a blast working with the children as well and enjoyed teaching them how the compost bins worked. “We all loved showing the kids the worms. It was awesome to be able to hand them a worm and explain to them the process of what will be happening in those bins,” said Murray.

This was a great partnership between the three groups. Brockway Elementary hopes to receive more compost bins from Quiet Creek if this project turns out to be successful over time. A project like this is beneficial to everyone involved.

Clarion students had a fun and educational time working with the Brockway Elementary students while taking care of the environment at the same time. We hope to see more projects like this in the future.

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