Opinion: MLB Playoffs could be greatest ever

Jake Deemer / Sports Writer

The 2017 MLB Postseason could very well be the best postseason in the league’s history.

With the mix of teams in the playoff race, the hunt for a championship could be the wildest, most intense postseason the modern fan has seen to date.

Not to say the – postseason has been boring up until this point.

We’re coming off one of the most historic and plot-twisting World Series seen in the last century.

The 3-1 deficit overcome by Chicago over the Cleveland Indians snapped a 108-year drought for the beloved Cubs.

From the domination of Corey Kluber in Game 1 all the way to the ground ball to Kris Bryant for the last out to seal the deal; the heart-racing action kept even the most casual fan on the edge of the seat.

The Postseason is so much different from the long 162-game season. Instead of competing in a divisional race that could remain stagnant for weeks, a team’s fate comes down to fewer than seven games, sometimes less than five.

Arguably the best team in the MLB is the Los Angeles Dodgers who, in late August sat 46 games above .500 (92-46).

Yes, that is not a typo.

Forty-six games over .500.

Due to the Dodgers’ recent postseason failures, no matter how many games the Dodgers win this season, it’s win the World Series or bust.

That only begins the expectations teams carry on their shoulders.

Fellow division leader, the Washington Nationals have a stacked pitching staff, a top-five player in Bryce Harper, and that makes them a very dangerous team come October.

One little fact lies on Washington’s shoulders; they have never won a postseason series in franchise history.

The rest of the National League is seemingly trying to prove something.

The Cubs want to give they’re loyal fan base another championship to talk about and either Wild Card team that makes the final cut will be fighting for notoriety.

Now, the other half of the story: the American League.

Just like the previous teams, they all have a little something to prove.

The Houston Astros started off as the hottest team in baseball with some of the most prolific young stars in the game such as George Springer and Carlos Correa. Not to mention the league’s leader in batting average, Jose Altuve.

However, Houston is not the only AL team with great talent.

Boston comes in with a starting rotation of 2012 Cy Young winner David Price, 2016 Cy Young winner Rick Porcello, six-time all-star Chris Sale, Doug Fister and Drew Pomeranz.

Cleveland’s Indians have unsettled business after being one win away from a World Series title that would have snapped their 67-year World Series drought.

With seven teams within three games of a Wild Card race, just like the postseason as a whole, it’s literally anyone’s race.

Make sure you find a TV starting October 3.

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