Opinion: Clarion’s Under Armour contract connects sports teams

Joseph Lillard / Sports Writer

Over the summer, the general idea is that students either worked like some of the bulbs on a scoreboard, travelled like an AAU team, or were as bored as high school reserves keeping stats.

However, no one is celebrating one of the most impactful events of the break.

Clarion signed a contract with Under Armour to give the brand exclusive rights to their athlete’s apparel.

Why is that such a huge event?

For one bright moment, Clarion is unified.

After a hostile election pitting Democrats versus Republicans and finals week pitting most students against all the studying they should have been doing, Clarion was a little tense and fragmented….maybe.

However, now every sport is wearing the same logo.

Sure, they were already representing Clarion University, and that sort of was already a unifying trait.

But, now the athletes will be rocking Under Armour.

From the handful of students I have talked to, that is a really great thing.

Most of these scholastic warriors are happy for the move because they feel Under Armour is better material.

Some say it is more durable, some say it is more stylish, and some say it is both.

In the weeks leading up to the start of the new semester, students became excited over the news of new uniforms along with the Adam Levine t-shirt showing off Clarion pride on television, and a lot of students even forgot that 2017 marked year number 150 in CU’s history.

As we come back to school this fall, let’s not forget we come together as an Under Armour school.

Some choose Clarion for a great education.

Some decide to enroll because of the interaction and one-on-one in the classroom.

No matter what the reason that students come to Clarion, anyone can admit that this is one of the best times to attend.

Let’s build on that and show that Eagle pride.

The 2017 edition of Clarion University brings a lot of chnage, much hope, and a ton of excitemnt for all of this year’s students.

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