Artist Jack Johnson anticipates seventh studio album

Cole Johnson- Staff Writer

Jack Johnson is a North American singer songwriter hailing from the islands of Hawaii. He is set to release his seventh studio album All the Light Above It Too this Friday ( Sept. 15).

He got his start as a musician as a means to provide a sonic landscape for his surfing videos. Jack, being a professional surfer, often filmed himself surfing, then adding his own music to back the footage. After several friends and colleagues suggested he purpose a life in music , he built his own recording studio and started a label, Brushfire Records to give him a platform to have complete control over his own music.

As a musician Johnson has carved out his own niche sound. Blending elements of folk with dashes of jazz and rock and roll. His smooth as silk voice coupled with powerful lyrics will lead the listener up and down the woes of one’s own emotional horizon. Providing the listener with not only a pleasant time on their ears, but worthwhile lyrical content as well.

In previous works he has touched upon such existential topics as love, loss, and purposes, often grappling with more contemporary issues such as the Iraq war.

As Johnson progressed in sound through his discography he has become more rock influenced. With his previous album leaning more toward rock and roll than the rest of his work, Jack has recently released several lead singles from his newest album and they seem to have picked up where his most recent work From Here To Now To You left off.

The three singles released so far have been hit or miss for me. As probably one of the biggest Jack Johnson fans I don’t necessarily like his musical progression as of late and feel he has lost some of the sound that I fell in love with all those years ago when I was first exposed to his works. However, one of the singles, Sunsets For Somebody Else, does harken back to his more original sound, and I find it coming across my phone screen more and more in the days preceding his impending release. As a musician I highly recommend you give him a listen. You will not be disappointed. My go-to album by him is Sleep Through the Static. As for his new album I will be patiently waiting until its release. A review will be forthcoming.

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