‘American Horror Story’ captures fans with a new spin

Trevor Lake- Staff Writer

Ryan Murphy’s highy anticipated seventh season of his hot horror television show “American Horror Story” greeted eager viewers with a solid story to build upon. The new season entitled “Cult” lived up to the promises fans had that were let go by last year’s season, “Roanoke”.

This season has started as a political extravaganza. The show picked up on the election night during the historic Clinton versus Trump campaigns. The story is focusing around Ally played by AHS titan Sarah Paulson. Ally and her partner Ivy are living in their Michigan home with their son, attending an election night viewing when   news breaks of the winner.  The story unfolds as Ally’s past   phobias are brought to light as she enters a new political climate.

Evan Peters plays Kai, one of his darker roles in the series. Kai is excited about the Trump victory and uses it as a way to begin to “push his agenda”. Kai appears to be one of the main villains this coming season.

Newcomer Billie Lourd plays Winter, one of Kai’s accomplices  who has now become the nanny to Ally and her wife Ivy. Billie capitalizes on Ally’s fear of clowns and enjoys a comic book referencing the past fourth season of the show.

The pilot episode of “Cult” was not short of the promised clowns. The horror this season has a reminiscent feel of horro films such as “The Strangers” and “The Purge” adding campy humor to brighten the tone     between scenes.

Spoilers aside, this is a pilot episode to see. The premiere was a fresh breath of life into the series that left audiences slightly cloudy after  the “Roanoke” installment. The show is tracing back to real scares along with strong, strange, gripping visuals. Going back and capturing previous seasons gave a sense of nostalgia that the series and fans were missing.

All in all, “Cult” has lived up to its hype. The show came back for its seventh season with a strong story, cast, and vision. There are so many possbilities and questions for the future of the season, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. “American Horror Story: Cult” is worth the watch and has returned back to the serie’s basics, appealing to old fans and new audiences.

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