Student Senate elects board

Seth Ickes – Staff Writer

CLARION, Pa.- The Clarion University Student Senate convened for their final meeting of the 2016-2017 academic year this May 1 and held elections for their executive board for the following  school year.  All positions were filled by current members, and each candidate was given five minutes to present a speech for the position for which they were running, and were elected democratically by student senators.

Former Senate Vice President Katie Welsh was elected President and Gabe Ackman was elected Vice President.  The title of Senate treasurer  went to former secretary Katie McCann.  Brianna Shepherd was elected Secretary, and Tatum Henderson was elected as Vice President of Rules and Regulations.

Welsh, the incoming 2017-2018 President of Student Senate, has campus-wide inclusive goals for the organization in the future and, in addition, wishes to see Student Senate become more well-known on campus. Welsh stated she hopes “to make the campus more aware of everything that Student Senate does” and that students should “feel comfortable coming to meetings with concerns they might have.” Welsh seeks to “partner with more organizations on events” and “would like to have student senators from many different clubs and organizations” to help to give diverse perspectives on certain topics.

The incoming 2017-2018 Vice President of the Student Senate, Gabe Ackman, expressed how he hopes to see Student Senate evolve. Ackman stated his goal for the coming year “is to make Student Senate a hub for all RSOs and student groups on campus” expressing that there is “so much potential in its position to represent the people and make changes happen at this university.” Ackman seeks to accomplish this through “RSO partnerships, increased information, and more welcoming meetings” and stated that “great things happen when students cooperate.” He expressed that “the real evolution of Student Senate is in the hands of the current underclassmen and incoming freshmen” and he can “only hope to set a good example in my senior year.”

In addition, the student senate appropriations committee approved $1,200 in funds to Kappa Kappa Psi Epsilon Phi, Clarion University’s Chapter of the National Honorary Band Fraternity, for their national convention trip in Florida. Representatives of the organization were in attendance at the meeting, and stated that they would attend workshops and draft a new constitution at this conference and will also be presented with the “Most Improved Chapter Award.”

The student senate approved a new campus RSO called “Her Campus”. Her Campus is an online international college magazine, with 300 chapters internationally, exclusively written by college students. . Each branch of Her Campus is run by “campus correspondents” who help to structure the organization on campus. Courtney McBride, the campus correspondent for Her Campus at Clarion, stated that the organization “opens doors for job opportunities after graduation” and members of Her Campus “have been offered positions at magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Seventeen, and more.”  McBride added “not only do we write, we do events on campus and get involved with charity work, and plan on getting together with a philanthropy in the fall to raise money for it.”

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