RuPaul’s Drag Race reaches half-way point

Trevor Lake – Staff Writer

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” added another powerful installment this week with its sixth episode. To start, can you believe we are already almost halfway to the finish line? We need to savor these glossy moments.

I’m honestly surprised by the amount of love being sent to Eureka after her elimination. During the competition, it didn’t seem like many queens were overjoyed when they encountered her. She has a lot to show and we’re all excited to see her shine in season 10.

Now that the crop of queens is thinning, it’s time to separate the basic witches from the fiercest queens. You know what that means: Snatch Game! Snatch Game is a highlight of every season where queens are given the task of impersonating celebrities.

Two standouts were Sasha Velour as Marlene Dietrich, and Alexis Michelle as Liza Minnelli. The stragglers of the game featured Nina, Farrah and Cynthia. There is no hiding in Snatch Game. Only the greatest survive here.

The runway of the night was Night of 1,000 Madonnas. This theme was previously used in season eight where four queens all wore kimonos. In short, Michelle Visage was not happy. To our surprise, we had two instances where queens wore the same look. Peppermint and Shea did a Material Girl look, and Trinity and Nina wore the same Gala look. It makes you wonder, why do these queens want to wear the same thing?

It was different to see top-contender Valentina as just safe. Her Snatch Game impersonation of Miss Columbia was perfect. She also made a ballsy (no pun intended) choice of storming the runway practically naked, rocking Madonna’s infamous “Sex” book look.

The episode ended with Peppermint and Cynthia Lee Fontaine in the bottom. Ultimately, Peppermint ended up staying. Personally, I think it was the wrong decision, but neither of them in my opinion were able to make it to the top three slot. It was sad to see miss ‘cuckoo’ go. She has been so much fun since season eight and will continue her success. She was  Miss Congeniality of season eight, what else more could she want?

As the competition thins, so will the girls. Season nine is packed full of talented queens and it stinks seeing them go home. However, only one queen will be this year’s winner, and I look forward to watching these queens get there.

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