Opinion: Is time up for Pens’ Crosby?

Danny Bailey – Staff Writer

Just when Lord Stanley’s dream…

On May 1, the nightmare set in when Sidney Crosby suffered yet another concussion in his National Hockey League career.

This is now his fourth in just five years, one of which was earlier this year. As a life-long Penguins fan, Crosby is a huge inspiration for me personally and a hero for the city of Pittsburgh and his home country of Canada.

He is currently regarded by many as the greatest player in the game.

Crosby has done it all in his career, and has achieved everything there is to do in the world of hockey before he even turned 30.

He’s had individual success and team success throughout his career, but it has come at the cost of multiple concussions.

In recent years, the entire sports world has put a spotlight on concussions and the dangerous long-term effects that it has caused to others in many sports.

Hockey is known for being very physical, and if Crosby were to stay for many years, he risks very significant long-term risks to his mental and physical health.

Four concussions, regardless of severity, are bound to have lasting effects, but two of them came in just this year.

He has 12 seasons in the NHL, and if we assume he’ll play to at least the age of 35, he’ll end near 18 seasons.

Four concussions

At his current rate, he has had four concussions in 12 seasons, which is a concussion for every three seasons.

If that rate continues, he will suffer two more concussions by the time his career is over.

Maybe he will be fortunate enough to never have a concussion ever again, or perhaps his history of head injuries makes him more prone to get one.

We can’t be certain, but we do know that his life won’t end after hockey does. He will have the rest of his life for family or any other endeavors he might find himself in.

It would be in his best interest to live a full independent life instead of one that requires the assistance of others.

Personally, I would love to see him finish his career now while still on top and not expose himself to any long-term risks.

He would still be loved and adored by many, and Pittsburghers would still give him the title of the greatest ever.

He has the stats, awards, Stanley Cups and the hockey world would still respect him if he were to retire after this season or next.

However, I am neither Crosby, his personal friends and family, nor his doctors, so that decision is up to them.

At the end of the day, Crosby is still the GOAT, and Pittsburgh will advance past the Capitals.

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