Opinion: NFL could change; create more action

Austin Troutman – Staff Writer

Over the past few years, the National Football League has gone to extensive lengths to make the sport more exciting for its young fans.

The initiative to become a more exciting sport started with changing the distance of the point after attempt.

The extra point in the NFL used to be placed on the 2-yard line, and for professional kickers, the kick was pretty much automatic.

A lot of fans found the extra point to be almost a waste of time, mainly for the reason of nearly automatic points and almost no shot at a two-point conversion unless it was needed at a big point in the game.

Now, the extra point has been moved back to be a 33-yard kick, which leaves a greater chance to miss the kick, and opens the door for more two-point conversion tries.

The fact that the NFL changed the extra point rule is great, because it made the game more appealing.

However, there is still one special teams rule that needs changed, and should have been dealt with before the extra point rule.

The opening kickoff of any drive, like the extra points from a few years back, could bore fans and make them want to miss it because a lot of times not much happens.

In football, kickoff is at the 35-yard line, and last season, there was a rule change saying that touchbacks would be moved to the 25-yard line instead of the 20.

Touchbacks are a prevalent part in the NFL, and the line should be shifted back to create more action and make the sport more thrilling.

The NFL is an exciting sport to watch, but there are ways to make the sport better, and changing the kickoff is a great start.

Other sports these days are trying to adapt to the younger audience and make the game more exciting.

Football has done a great job with this, but adding potential to every kickoff would just make fans more interested throughout the entire game.

Kickoffs and touchbacks are just a minute part of the NFL, but with each sport wanting ratings to go up each year, why not try to make the game as good as it could be?

Football tries to spice up the sport seemingly every year, and in this case, it may not hurt to welcome the idea of creating more action for the whole game.

Moving the kickoff line would not only cut down the number of touchbacks, but it would increase the possibility of forced fumbles in key moments, for example, that could really give fans hope and excitement throughout the entirety of the game.

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