London native serves up EDM, soul and R&B

Anna Goetz – Staff Writer

Meet Sinead Harnett,

29-year-old singer songwriter born in Finchley, London. Releasing her newest single “Rather Be with You” back in December, it continues to climb Spotify ratings. With a multiracial background growing up and developing her style, she also derives some of her influence from names such as Amy Whinehouse, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner.

Born on Oct. 12, 1989 and raised in London, her father was of Irish descent and her mother had Thai ties. Showing in her musical work and voice, Harnett has extreme diversity in her influence. Besides singing and songwriting, she studied for a degree in acting at Arts University College Bournemouth. Until she started her career as an artist, she appeared in several student productions such as One Thousand and One Nights. Gaining steam as a singer in 2011, she started being featured on several artist’s singles, until she released some of her own works.

Releasing her first debut EP in 2014, “N.O.W”, it led to several more creative works from Harnett, to another EP “She Ain’t Me” in 2015, “Sinead Harnett” in 2016 and her latest single, “Rather Be With You” to close out the year. Her unique blend of electronic dance music, soul and R&B makes a versatile beat to vibe with. With her original lyrics pairing it to twinge at your heart strings, Harnett pulls the listener in and hypnotizes. Silent since her last single released in December of 2016, Harnett seems to be in the works of creating a new album for her fans. Harnett can be caught on SoundCloud,  sptofiy Spotify, PlayMusic, iHeartRadio, and YouTube.

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