Hot new music floods the summer market

Cameron Finney – Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, our final weeks of school have approached. It is almost time throw those stuffed notebooks away, and look forward to the long summer nights with friends. With this academic semester ending, music plays a big role in everyone’s life, especially when trying to enjoy a long break. Many artists in the industry try to release their new music in the winter and the end of spring hoping to gain recognition in the summer. Some of last summer’s biggest songs were “One Dance” by Drake, “Cheap Thrills” by Sia, and “Closer” by the Chainsmokers. This year’s roster is already piling on to be possibly even better than last. Artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Shawn Mendes are few of several that have released chart-worthy hits that you will probably find stuck in your head or hear in the car very soon.

Lady Gaga has done it yet again. The six-time Grammy award winner has completed another project this year; the newly released single “The Cure”. This awesome new single is a return to the dance-pop sounds that Lady Gaga has been known for since kick-starting her career 10 years ago. The timing for this single is perfect for Gaga who has had arguably one of the best years in her career. With the release of her fifth album Joanne in 2016, then this year so far with the Super Bowl halftime show, filming for the movie “A Star is Born”, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the Joanne world tour occurring this fall. Another reason why this catchy single is perfect for now is that Gaga was the first female artist to headline Coachella in 10 years! Mother Monster continues to mend hearts and keeps fans singing constant.

DJ Khaled is popular for creating a roster of many artistic friends in his work, and this year he is aiming bigger than ever with his music. Justin Bieber leads a pack of well-known rappers like Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo in Khaled’s new song “I’m the One”. A song that features a singing part and rapping verse is always a song that will draw people to sing- along, and especially if Bieber is the one doing the singing. This new single is meant to be heard at a pool party with the sunlight beaming all day. Definitely consider adding this to your music streaming playlists if you are a fan of this music.

Famous pop-rock group Paramore has resurfaced after two years since they last toured, which was for the group’s fourth studio album Paramore in 2013

This time around, original member Zac Farro rejoined with the band that includes Hayley Williams and Taylor York. Back in April, the group released their first single “Hard Times” off their fifth studio album After Laughter which is being released on May 12. The first single was definitely a surprise to longtime fans considering people have known the group’s rock sound for 10 years now, but change was a smart and fun idea for Paramore. This groovy new sound can still appeal to fans because Paramore has always embraced  funky and weird vibes with their music, so this new material fits right in.

Music producer and writer Jack Antonoff has helped make great music for artists like Lorde, Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift, but this year is all about his band Bleachers with whom he is the frontrunner for since 2014. The Bleachers have not reached many charts, but now is the time they deserve recognition, and radios should be playing their content. The band released their first two singles for their upcoming album Gone Now which is due out June 2. The first song from the album is written by Jack and close friend Lorde entitled “Don’t Take the Money”, which should be blasting through speakers right now. If you are a fan of music that sounds anything toward Prince, then the second single “Hate That You Know Me” is perfect for you!

Pop sensation Shawn Mendes is still on a high with the success after the release his sophomore album Illuminate with a new single brought out. The singer re-released the 2016 album this past April with an additional few songs including the new hit “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”. The song has a more dance vibe than any of his material ever sounded like, which is key for his world tour that will be occurring for fans to see this summer. After two listens you’ll become addicted to this new song!!

If you aren’t in the mood for some dance/bubble gum pop, then Harry Styles has become your man. The new single “Sweet Creature” just released days ago is perfect for a long drive of laying thoughts with a playlist that may feature some indie pop music. The acoustic sound is the essence of staying calm as the hot rays beam or the wet sky drenches your atmosphere.

“Sweet Creatures” is the song you never thought you need, but you do. Be sure to catch Harry Style’s debut album which is released May 12.

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