Annual Clarion Cares service project honors Woods

Victoria Mikita – Staff Writer

Kristen Woods was chosen as this year’s Clarion Cares Public Service winner. As an online student, Woods found time to volunteer at Pike County Humane Society in Shohola, Pa.

After adopting one of her own pets from this shelter, Woods saw fit that she volunteer there.

For the Online Eagle Volunteer project, Woods added the new element of volunteering at the humane society’s off-site events, which included adoption events and a vaccine clinic. Woods attended three of these off-site events during the month of April.

Two of these off-site events were adoption events and one was a vaccine clinic. Woods did everything from holding dogs, answering questions from  those in attendance, collecting donations, selling T-shirts, helping with the pets and getting their picture taken with the Easter bunny to setting up and packing up events.

Woods volunteers within different rooms at the shelter. The small animal room contains rabbits and chinchillas, with an adjoining room full of pigeons. There is also a cat adoption room and the quarantine room.

In the small animal rooms Woods is responsible for cleaning rabbit and chinchilla cages, feeding the rabbits, washing dishes and sweeping. In the cat adoption room, she scrubs the floors and walls, cleans the cat trees, replaces towels and blankets, cleans the litter boxes and scrubs the porch. Woods is also responsible for taking out the garbage and folding laundry, and has made personal donations to the shelter.

“I believe my community service at Pike County Humane Society has benefited the shelter because they are always looking for volunteers and appreciate all the help they can get at the shelter and at events. I have assisted staff members and other volunteers with cleaning duties and caring for the animals at the shelter. I brought donations that included dog food, cat food, dog treats, cat treats, toys, dog shampoo, collars, cleaner, etc. I have assisted staff members and other volunteers at the off-site events by helping in any way I can, and helping make sure the events are successful,” said Woods.

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