Senators nominated for board

Amanda Betts – Staff Writer

CLARION, Pa.- Clarion University’s Student Senate convened April 24 to begin nominations for the Senate executive board for the fall 2017 semester and to discuss events leading to the end of the semester.

The new Senate members who had been elected within the past week were present at this week’s meeting and were seated at the table with the current members.

Discussion revolved around the events set to take place toward the end of the semester, such as the Late Night Breakfast and commencement. Late Night Breakfast will be held Sunday, May 7 at 10 p.m. in Eagle Commons.

According to Shawn Hoke, candidates for CSA Executive Director are being interviewed, and he is hopeful that, within the next two weeks, a new director will be hired.

At this point in the semester, with only one final meeting to take place May 1, the overall senate budget is $12,723.97. The capital fund is currently $270,445.47, the large item capital fund is at $201,943.59 and the contingency fund is at $2,793.17.

Senate also voted on adding another organization to the list of university-recognized clubs. CURE at Clarion University is a charitable organization that moves to help fund life-changing surgeries for disabled and underprivileged youth from less wealthy countries.

After a short discussion as to how the organization will help prepare students from multiple majors for their future careers and the overall benefits that recognizing it as an RSO will bring to Clarion University, senate members voted unanimously in favor of the recognition.

Following that recognition, nominations for fall 2017 Student Senate Executive Board began. Due to the impending graduation of current Senate President Devon Vallies, two other prospective candidates for president were nominated: current Senate Treasurer Taylor Montue and current Senate Vice President Katie Welsh.

Senators Quentin Claypool, Gabe Ackman, Montue, Welsh and Brianna Shepherd were nominated for vice president. Nominations for treasurer included current Secretary Katie McCann, Montue, Ackman, Claire Klanica and Mackenzie Porter.

Senators Ackman and Tatum Henderson were nominated for vice president of rules and regulations. McCann, Shepherd, Porter, Henderson, Claypool and Welsh were nominated for the position of secretary.

The Executive Board nominations were then tabled to be further discussed at the final Student Senate meeting of the semester, during which elections will also be held.

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